Virgin Trains – Bloggers Challenge Update

So this next week myself and Edward are off to Liverpool. I had bought a VIP Dinner and Champagne for two on Groupon, but unfourtunately on close inspection they restaurant in question is only available on the weekend, which deems it useless for our Wednesday visit.
So, tomorrow my mission is to find an alternative place to fine dine. I will be bring lots of meal vouchers with me for the usual establishments, Nandos, Wagamamas and Pizza Express so we can have a hearty but affordable lunch.
I have arranged guest-list for a gig which is taking place in the city… I’ll give you a clue… They are recent Kerrang cover stars!

There are lots of cultural things that I will attempt to drag Ed to, against his will… like Tate Liverpool and the Anthony Gormley sculptures at Crosby Beach.

I have sorted an extremely good valued place for us to stay.. this resulted from tweeting and emailing round to find good offers…. and a bit of bartering. I once saw the financial expert Martin Lewis on GMTV talking about how many unlikely things are negotiable and how we should dare to haggle a bit more… doing this via the computer is much less cringe worthy than face to face…. if you get denied they can’t see your uncomfortable reaction!

I’ll let you know what else we end up doing on our trip after Wednesday! xx

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