Ann Summer Press day

Goody bag delights from Anna Summers

Some of the more risque pieces on offer

One of the best sellers from their limited special range…. for the more outlandish of you!

This was one of the most delicate and pretty on display

Love the cut shape and colour of this one

Very Gaga…

For those that don’t mind showing a bit of nip

A racy number

I’m not sure what shoes you could wear with these, I can imagine the tassles leading me into all sorts of embarrassing calamity… still cute though!

It was the first time they have chosen to display their hosiery at a press day but their designs have gone from relatively subtle to extremely decorative and showstopping…

The legendary Rampant Rabbit. They have repackaged the icon to remind those this it is still the first and best out there, despite the array of imitations on the market.

AS were always being told my their customers that they wished there was an option to buy just the Rabbit part of their most famous time…. they have now obliged with the cute little toy.

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