BoxFresh Press Day

Last week I headed to The BargeHouse at Oxo Tower Wharf for a press day put on by the lovely ladies at 10PR.

The Barbour style jacket has been a popular choice amongst many of our favourite fashionista over the last 5 years or so. It became particularly prevalent after Alexa Chung and Co started sporting them at the UK Festivals over their dresses or cut off shorts and teamed with their Hunter boots. They have now even become a must amongst bands, even those of the metal variety. It seems odd to me that a jacket style inspired by a famous country heritage brand should be a must-have amongst the rock ‘n rollers… That said, aside from its style credentials it is a hugely practical piece for the UKs unpredictable summer weather.

A classic shirt should figure in every mans wardrobe, but rather than the obvious white or black, opt for a far more flattering grey.

Varsity jackets have been covered by most mens casual-wear brands over the last year but this Boxfresh was one of the softest I’ve touched up…. nice versatile colour too.

While versatile, many my find a grey shirt a tad dull, but by adding texture to a muted colour your outfit immediately gets a boost of interest. It is even better if it is a cord or velvet as it persuades people to come and have a stroke! A great option for a date…

I don’t know about you but I can’t help but want to hug a man sporting knitwear, particularly of the cable variety… it makes them look homely and as if they’d be a nice chap!

BoxFresh have largely abandoned the use of heavy branding via logos, opting for a cleaner more subtle and ultimately more wearable aesthetic.

Some cute brogues complete with practical rubber grip soles, perfect for someone like me that needs as much help as possible to avoid any accident!

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