If held at gun point and asked to choose just one Summer specific product (I have an inkling that this is unlikely) it would be the trusty dry shampoo Spending the majority of my summer at festivals means that my beauty regime generally falls under ‘making the most of a bad situation’ rather than aspiring for optimum glamour. Mosh-pit sweat, furnace like tents and lack of showers do nothing for ones hair, and although I love a beanie, it is not the ideal solution on those rare balmy UK days. For years the Bastite classic spray has been a staple in my festival bag alongside wet wipes and toilet roll, but why go for the original when they offer so many fantastic alternatives. My new addiction is the XXL version which gifts your hair with the usual benefits of dry shampoo with the added bonus of extra volume, reviving your hair more than ever before. As well as ‘Boho’ ,which is perfect for festivals with its sweet fragrance, the range even includes ‘Gold Shimmer’ edition which adds a pearl glisten to your tired locks. I’d like to say that these products are purely for festival times, but if we are honest with ourselves a few more minutes in bed are far more appealing than showering and and we regularly make a decision based on this fact…. I therefore think we should all take time out to say a big thank you to the dry shampoo gods!
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