BEAUTY REVIEW – Divine Décolleté with OCCO Raiyia No6 Body Treatment Mask

I have to admit to a fair few years of reckless sun worshipping which has left me with a prematurely aged décolletage. If I sleep on my side in the famously comfortable foetal position I wake up with deep chest creases, which due to the reduction of elasticity remain for an inconveniently long time. This is not my only battle though. Due to various allergies which show reaction via skin rashes, predominately on my chest region, I am also often having to amend my outfit ideas to hide and cover, most regularly via Jaegar statement necklaces and vintage silk scarves. I was hoping. OCCO Raiyia No6 97% natural Bergamot, Ginger & Cocoa Butter Body Treatment Mask might contribute to a solution. It is advised to intensely scrub the area of the body where you will be applying the mask. I did so using one of the aforementioned products. although Raiyia offer their own thoroughly recommended No6 Bergamot, Ginger & Olive Stone Body Scrubs. After applying this gloriously rich, good-enough-to-eat product they suggest you fasten a towel around your chest and sit with a cup of herbal tea (unless like me, despite the obvious benefits, you find it impossible to enjoy a cup) while it soaks in,. After 10 minutes wash it off in the shower or let it melt away in a warm bath before following with a moisturizer. While the Vitamins A and E helped to improved elasticity and stimulated collagen production, the super-hydrating Cocoa Butter and Glycerine leaving my skin feeling baby soft, the gloriously rich nature of the product seemed too much for my sensitive skin at first. Annoyingly I found myself coming up with spots, the mineral rich Kaolin which is included to cleanse and remove toxins might well have been behind this.That said, after a few treatments my skin appeared to adapt and the product would become one I would look forward to using again and again. The delicious fragrances of Lemon, Bergamot, Mandarin, Mate, Rosemary, Petitgrain, Ginger, Nutmeg and Anis helped to make the process an even more relaxing experience while they bestowed their many therapeutic benefits. After a few sessions my chest was smooth and clear and I could finally wear all those sexy, flesh exposing summery numbers with confidence. P.S I know that the results are the main issue but it should not go unmentioned that the packaging and delivery of this product was wonderful too and would make for a great gift.

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