BEAUTY REVIEW – Elemis – Tan Accelerator

Time spent with an Elemis products always feels like a treat. The bottles and containers are always some of the most elegant and luxurious on the market and you always trust that they will deliver whatever the given product is claiming to achieve. With its simple but suitably summery gold tube the Tan Accelerator is no exception. Wrong or right it is my primary goal to be transformed from dry and pasty to a bronzed and smooth in the summer. I applaud and admit envy towards the pale Dita Von Teese beauties of this world, and wholeheartedly encourage you to follow their ethos on tanning, but personally If I don’t come back tanned from a holiday I can’t help feel that is has been a wasted trip. What can I say, I just feel better bronzed and can’t be doing with the process of fake tanning particularly with my very high chance of an allergic reaction to their contents. The point before the transformation to summer goddess can be an awkward one, so I am always relieved when the UK treats me to some garden basking before its true holiday bikini time. I started using the Tan Accelerator two weeks before reveling in the intensity of the Californian rays alongside my desperate attempts at UK sun worship. Containing a blend of Shea Butter, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Tyrosine the sweet smelling honey coloured lotion became a product I would look forward to applying. Not only did I look forward to its summery yet nutty aroma, it gave my skin a pleasing sheen while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. My skin was left in optimum condition which helped to result in an even, golden, long-lasting tan.

£19. 40

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