BEAUTY REVIEW – Hawaiian Tropic SPF 30 Sensitive Skin Face Lotion

Many believe that frying your face in the sun will cure or improve spot prone skin. While it might be a quick and temporary fix, drying up the oils and leaving your skin apparently smoother, in the long term it will actually encourage sebum production, leading to even more spots. As previously stated I have battled acne for many years and found applying sun cream to my face would aggravate the problem further, I would therefore unwisely omit this from my tanning regime. I would use foundation in the hope that it would least prevent a few harmful rays penetrating my skin, but this should definitely not be relied upon for adequate UVA/UVB protection. In the past I have tried face sun screens from very well known beauty brands and found them so rich my pores have been overwhelmed, deciding to throw a hissy fit in the shape of a red and bumpy breakouts. For my trip to LA this summer I managed to find a face lotion that not only did it’s just job protecting my sun exposed visage, it lead to a soft and gorgeously moisturized complexion, a far cry to crime scene I have experienced before. Hawaiian Tropics range of Sensitive Sun products are lightweight, Oil and Dye free and contain skin nourishing anti-oxidants ( the vital ingredient in reducing the chance of a sun cream induced breakout). As well as being a delicious cream to apply no other brand or packaging says ‘summer’ or ‘holiday’ more than Hawaiian Tropic… just a glance of the bottle spurs me to search Skyscanner for cheap flights….

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