BEAUTY REVIEW – MÁDARA Ecobody Organic Anti Cellulite Body Cream

This product from award wining Latvian Eco beauty brand helps to attack cellulite by promoting the splitting of fat cells, eliminating toxins and stimulating lymphatic drainage. It claims to reduce the “orange peel” look with noticeably smoother skin in just 4 weeks. I started to use the product 3 weeks before the daunting moment of poolside flesh unveiling amongst LAs beautiful people. So after my morning shower and before bed I diligently applied the Baltic horsetail, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Algae and Caffeine lotion, a combination of ingredients which create a refreshing zesty citrus smell – one which is often present in successful cellulite products I have used . The problem with reviewing creams that have the purpose/promise of toning, firming or reducing of the orange peel, is that it can be hard to gage how much is down to the powers of its contents as opposed to the action of the regular upward energetic massaging. That said, the consistency and aroma of the cream makes the application a pleasurable one and I definitely felt an extremely positive change to the texture of my skin, so much so that I couldn’t help but stroke my thighs…almost to degree that I would understand nearby folks feeling a tad uncomfortable. I am also confident that there is a notable reduction in the undulation of the meatiest parts of my body targeted with the product.


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