BEAUTY REVIEW – Shape Changers I Hour Inch Loss Detox Body Wrap Kit

After enjoying great success within the salons the kind people at Club Cleo are offering the 1 hour inch loss detox body wrap kit for use in the comfort of our homes. The wrap promises to draw toxins out of the body, leaving you visibly slimmer, firmer and smoother…. now that is quite a promise. Even better it’s not a water wrap, so you won’t regain the inches when you drink fluids, in fact the more you consume the better, prolonging the benefits of the treatment. In the past I always veered away from products which involve various items and instructions, preferring the no thinking necessary, slap on and rub in approach. As I was faced with having to bare my body, which has abandoned any sort of gym activity for the last three years, amongst the body beauty in LA I though it perfect time to reconsider my lazy approach to beauty regimes. After one go I was metaphorically kicking myself for voluntarily missing out for so many years. I chose to concentrate on my wobbly thighs, which have always managed to stay meaty even at my lightest weight and remain defiantly against any sort of toning exercise methods or instruments. For those that argue with other parts of their body more ferociously than their thighs this treatment is wonderfully versatile, the bandages can be wrapped round any of the classic problem areas including the stomach ( spare tyre, paunch) upper arms ( bingo wings), hips (muffin top) etc.
The clay, which you leave in boiling water alongside the bandages for half an hour prior to mummifying of the chosen body part. is a new and improved formula, one that is extremely friendly to your skin, tightening and toning the skin and even tackling difficult ‘imperfections’ cellulite and stretch marks. Without using those made up words or getting too scientific, in short the treatment works by drawing out toxins which live in and around the fat cells, the the pores of the skin. The wrapped bandages act like a giant poultice drawing the impurities out of the body and further toxins continue to be flushed away even after completion of the treatment.
Okay, so it takes a bit more effort that slathering on some cream after a bath or before bed, but I actually revelled in hvaing an excuse to take some time out of my evening.

It left my thighs looking visibly sculpted and the skin was incredibly soft, I actually couldn’t stop stroking myself. It’s by no means permanent fix to our wobbly areas but the affects lasted longer than I predicted and it was not the messy, and hard going process that I had always anticipated…. happily proved wrong!

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    there's no evidence it works at all

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