BEAUTY REVIEW – Sun-Chlorella Cream.

Im opinion good skin is one the key ingredients to looking healthy and feeling good. As someone who struggles with acne and allergy induced rashes I know how having the opposite of a glowing complexion can harm your confidence. Years of sun worshiping in an attempt to counteract the aforementioned issues has also left me with an uneven tone, premature lines and noticeable pores. I am always on the hunt for new wonder creams in a hope they will improve some of my personal skin qualms so when a press release reached me commenting on a cream that took inspiration from Japanese ideas I was immediately intrigued.
Japanese women are often envied for their beautiful complexions, and while some of their beautifying regimes, Bull Semen in the hair for instance, might seem a bit too bonkers this particular Advanced Nourishing Cream seemed worth a try.
Harnessing the unique power of Chlorella( green algae) which is naturally rich in vitamins and nutrients the cream also boasts a unique ‘growth factor’ ingredient that has the power to reniew and regenerate ageing skin. In cultivation, chlorella naturally reproduces from four cells on day one, to one billion cells on day fifteen. Useful when taken in supplement form, it’s even more effective when applied direct to the skin. Paraben-free and with a pure aqua and natural chlorella base, new Sun Chlorella Cream keeps skin hydrated and healthy, and formulated in Japan by some of the world’s leading experts in chlorella, it is the very best in natural beauty.

Celebrity fans – Beverley Knight and Victoria Beckham

New Sun Chlorella Cream® is priced £59.95, and is available from and

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