BEAUTY REVIEW – Superdrugs OPTIMUM SWISS Apple Skin Renewal Day Cream

‘Wonder’, ‘miracle’ and ‘revolutionary’ are serious buzz words in the anti-aging skin industry. The amount of products claiming to achieve results more drastic than ever before enter my inbox in annoying abundance. Most will be proficient in hydrating and moisturizing and even temporarily plumping, but any drastic or long terms affect are few and far between. You can therefore allow for my skepticism when receiving info of Superdrugs extremely affordable OPTIMUM SWISS Apple Skin Renewal Day Cream. When Superdrug launched the Superdrug OPTIMUM Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum in August 2010 it was an instant hit, selling out in stores across the country, with almost one hundred thousand bottles sold to date. The product was Superdrug’s best selling anti-ageing serum in 2010 and the team thought it only right to complete the regime by adding another product to the Swiss Apple family. Developed by scientists at the Mibelle lab in Switzerland, the Day Cream contains the same Apple Stem Cell wonder ingredient used in the original serum as well as Hyaluronic acid, which provides exceptional moisturisation and UVA and UVB filters to help protect against the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. Clinical trials on the anti-wrinkle effect of an Apple Stem Cell ingredient directed at crows-feet was evaluated in a study with volunteers aged 37 to 64; applied twice a day for 28 days, results showed a significant decrease in visible wrinkle depth for all involved in the tests. I found that after even just a week my pores appeared less gaping and the deep frown ridge between my eyebrows had become less prominent, people even commented that my skin looked glowing. The overall surface was improved too and became a much nicer base for make up. Although I complain I am getting old, realistically I am still relatively young so I wanted to see if my mother (60+) thought of it. She wouldn’t mind me saying that she has deeper lines and furrows, but she too saw a noticeable change in the in the texture of the skin and also saw an improvement in the areas of fine lines. We both also commented on the fruity scent and how well it soaked into the skin.


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