When actually making an effort or finding the time to create a ‘look’ my desired hair aesthetic tends to fall into one of two popular and eternally winning styles… the retro Hollywood starlets soft waves or the intentionally undone tousled beachy look. My hair falls more comfortably into the second style, being that it is blonde with a natural gentle wave, but it lacks the texture that connotes that I could be as cool as Cameron Diaz and actually be a Californian surfer chick. Thankfully Tommy Guns has come up with ‘Clever Curls & Waves Texture Spray’, which has enabled me to get a step closer to the Blue Crush way and with pretty much no extra effort or time added to my sparse daily hair regime. After washing and towel drying all you have to do is simply spritz the lightweight mist enriched with seaweed extract, vitamins and minerals and jujj your hair with your fingertips. Allow the natural wave of your mane to be transformed into textured, super-sexy curls. For more defined waves, just follow the same process but dry using a large round brush. £6.50

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