BEAUTY REVIEW – TriAcnèal Treatment cream and Cleanance Gel by Eau Thermale Avène ( from the Cleanance/Triacnéal range)

In the same way that well fitting underwear works as a foundation for an outfit , clear, smooth skin is the perfect base for make-up. Sadly this is not something that comes naturally or easily for me. When I was an insecure youngster I would sneakily raid my mums bathroom cabinet for foundation to cover my spots before school, hoping to avoid the cruel taunts of the bullies. I would pray that these teenage years would fly by, foolishly thinking that as soon as they were over my skin would return to its peachy blemish free condition. As previously stated this would not turn out to be the case. Currently well into my twenties I still struggle with acne and have tried just about everything…. masks, cleansers, diets, and most successfully an antibiotic called Zineryt. Sadly after years of use my skin became immune to Zineryts power so I found myself longing for a new miracle. Thankfully, sensitive skin-care expert Eau Thermale Avène, has come to my rescue. I’ve become newly reliant on their Cleanance Gel in particular, which I use in the morning and evening to wash my face. Not only has the gel lead to a soft and nearly blemish-free face it also leaves the surface perfectly matt. However, If some spots still manage to thrust through they have another miracle product which rectifies the problem sharpish. In a recent trial 85% of patients who used TriAcnèal observed a lasting reduction in acne-induced scars and 42% decrease of inflammatory lesions on the face. TriAcnèal encourages the elimination of blemishes with its unique combination of three active ingredients: Efectiose® an anti-inflammatory-like active that mimics Rhamnose, a natural occurring sugar in the skin responsible for decreasing skin inflammation. It mixes with the skin’s own sebum easily reaching the inflamed sebaceous gland and so helps reduce redness, swelling and soreness often linked to pimples. Retinaldehyde helps to regulate keratinisation preventing thickening of the skin and the formation of blackheads and thus unblocks the pores. It has an anti-bacterial-like action: it combats the excessive development of P.acnes – the bacteria responsible for the inflammation of blemishes. It also contributes to the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibres to reduce the risk of post-inflammatory scarring. Glycolic Acid (which features in many acne treatments) has a surface peeling effect to flatten the surface of the skin.All of these ingredients are combined with the soothing action of Avène Thermal Spring Water which is clinically proven to have soothing and anti-irritating dermatological properties, thereby reducing the redness and ‘blotching’ frequently present in acne-prone skin.
So enough of the science stuff… in short, this product works, and the affect that improved skin can have should not be understated. I am in the 54% of women who feel depressed when they have a flare up, my confidence was often linked to how good/bad my skin was, some days I’d hide behind my hair or even stay in rather than show my face. If you are an adult and looking for an acne product aimed for your age bracket then I urge you to give this range a try…it even improved my existing acne scarring.

£32 – TriAcnèal Treatment cream

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