Chevrolett Design Night London 2011

Last Night, Chevrolet Europe invited special guests from the worlds of design, the arts and media (me) to a gala celebration in London landmark Battersea Power Station to honour the 2011 European winners of the Young Creative Chevrolet applied arts contest. Leading lights in design and creative industries gave their perspective on emerging trends, followed by a party, with entertainment provided by young talent Bluey Robinson and popular artist DJ T.

My video of the evening

My date Nat and Me before indulging in the delicious canapes

Neville Brody is an internationally renowned designer, typographer, art director and brand strategist. From his early career as art director of The Face to his current roles – as Director of Research Studios, Chair of the D&AD Executive Board and Dean of the Department for Visual Communications at the Royal College of Art (London), among other distinctions – Brody has been a consistent and recognized voice in the design world. A book celebrating 20 years of FUSE, his experimental typography magazine, will be released later this year.
He had promised not to rant too much about politics during his speech but made sure he praised Chevrolet for their initiative. In light of the current lack of funding and support for Arts from the government he feels that nights such as this, celebrating and showing support for young creative talents, are extremely valuable.
I always think the way graphic designers and typographers work and think are at odds to as to fine artists, but the way he spoke about his creativity and the way he approaches his work challenged this. He said he thinks of himself for of an abstract painter in the way that he tackles his ideas and used the word painterly. I had always veered away from pursuing the aforementioned job titles. I thought they were restrictive, lacking freedom of creativity and experimentation in medium but Neville has made me revalue this opinion.

YCC 2011 European winners – Visual Arts – 1st prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 1st place Visual Arts Name: Sofia Stergiopoulou Country: Greece School: OMIROS

YCC 2011 European winners – Visual Arts – 2nd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 2nd place Visual Arts Name: Laura Hobson Country: U.K. School: Burton College

YCC 2011 European winners – Visual Arts – 3rd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 3rd place Visual Arts Name: Ana Raminhos, José Barreiro Country: Portugal School: Escola Secundéria de Cacilhas-Tejo

Wayne Hemingway

You style devotees followers will know the above man as the creator of street fashion company Red or Dead, but there are many varied strings to this talented mans bow. He is also an innovator in social housing. He is changing the way we think about urban design. He was spurred to get involved when assessing the unnecessary prison like aesthetic of affordable housing that were in existence before he lent his vision and enthusiasm to the cause. Hemingway Design has gone on to win awards for large-scale projects in cities across the UK. During his speech he also commented on the terrible playgrounds we have for our children here in the UK, while showing us in glaring contrast how good Germany are at creating fun spaces for their offspring .Hemingway is also known for his published works and creation of the celebrated Vintage festival which just took place at Londons Southbank – if you didn’t get a chance to pop by this year make sure you do so next time round. He is also Professor at the School of the Built Environment at Northumbria University…. phew

He gave a truly inspirational and at times hilarious speech detailing the incredible series of events he and his wife manipulated or stumbled upon that lead to the huge success of their numerous ventures. My favourite was his ingenious rouse of finding out what happened to all the old Dr Martins boots that had been discarded due to a split in the sole. He found that they were simply left to fester in landfill. He ended up buying tens and hundreds of pairs for 1 p each. He and his mates would revive the boots with solder which would cost around £1… they would end up selling the boots for £25 on their market stall…. not a bad profit margin is it? By getting the night-bus to ensure the best stall position their profits skyrocketed to an astonishing level. His family were so excited by the piles of money coming the couples way that they would come down to London and count the wads of notes… one night they evening laid it out and euphorically rolled around in it…


What was incredibly refreshing about his talk in particular was to witness how down to earth he is despite his huge success in an industry which s infamous for being incredibly vacuous and superficial . Still wearing an outfit consisting of purely second hand clothes (apart from socks and pants) he spoke of the various deals and opportunities with massive names from retail that he turned down. A consistent feature throughout his career being that he wants to ensure the type of people he grew up with could afford to buy and enjoy his product….. e.g being one of the first designer brands to have a concession in high street stores.

Fashion Awards Winners

YCC 2011 European winners – Fashion – 1st prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 1st place Fashion Name: Lubica Mildeová Country: Slovakia School: FA STU BRATISLAVA

YCC 2011 European winners – Fashion – 2nd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 2nd place Fashion Name: Ida Klamborn Country: Sweden School: Borås Textilhögskola

YCC 2011 European winners – Fashion – 3rd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 3rd place Fashion Name: Tobias F. Müller Country: Germany School: Mediadesign Hochschule München

YCC 2011 European winners – Photography – 1st prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 1st place Photography Names: Juliana Křížová; Jakub Vlček Country: Czech Republic School: Univerzita Tomáše Bati

YCC 2011 European winners – Photography – 2nd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 2nd place Photography Names: Marie Luise Jaeger, Natalja

YCC 2011 European winners – Photography – 3rd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 3rd place Photography Name: Matija Munjiza Petrović Country: Serbia School: Akademija umetnosti

Lucy Walker had flowin from LA to chat about her life as a British Academy Award nominated documentary film maker . She has been acclaimed for her work on films such as Devil’s Playground (2002), Blindsight (2006), Waste Land (2010) and Countdown to Zero (2010). Her speech frequently made comment on the importance of art and its incredible ability to do things… whether ‘it’ makes you feel, think, change perceptions or simply tell incredible stories. She also put great value on awards and celebrating those who have accomplished incredible documentations on film. Not only do these events of praise heighten awareness of the good work and encourage people to take an interest and take time to watch them, it also gives filmmakers the encouragement to pursue their ideas and make things happen (despite the many difficulties that can be faced during the often lengthy process)

11 European winners – Video – 1st prize 2/2

YCC 2011 European winners: 1st place Video
Names: Tomáš Hercog, Petr Bača, Jan Berghauer
Country: Czech Republic

11 European winners – Video – 1st prize 1/2

YCC 2011 European winners: 1st place Video
Names: Ludovic Versace, Pierre Valdivielso, Clément Dufour, Arthur Sotto, Xavier Lebu
Country: France
School: Ecole Emile Cohl de Lyon

YCC 2011 European winners – Video – 3rd prize

YCC 2011 European winners: 3rd place Video
Name: Stefano Drago
Country: Italy
School: IAAD Torino

About Young Creative Chevrolet

Young Creative Chevrolet is an annual pan-European contest launched by Chevrolet Europe in 2007 and aimed at students of Applied Arts in various artistic disciplines (2012: Fashion, Photography, Video and Visual Arts). With this initiative, Chevrolet Europe provides an opportunity for students to apply their talent to a new creative project, interact with professionals in their respective fields and present their work to a broad audience including the lifestyle media. In each participating country, a panel of judges (specialists in their fields) award three prizes per discipline. All first-prize winners of the national awards automatically participate in the pan-European competition, in which an international jury selects the best three projects in each discipline. In addition to a monetary prize (1st place: €4,000, 2nd place €3,000, 3rd place: €2,000), the European winners are offered a unique behind-the-scenes work experience with professionals in their respective disciplines. The contest has steadily grown from 8 participating countries and 32 schools in 2007 to 22 countries and 155 schools in 2011. For more information on the YCC contest, please visit or

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