Interview with Goldie Lookin Chain at Merthyr Rocks

After watching a reliably energetic, gloriously uplifting and suitably naughty set by the Welsh rap legends I was lucky enough to grab a trio for a natter. Grayham, Billy and Eggsie filled me in on life on the road, what influenced their must- have brand new album ‘Blue Waffle’ (out on October 17th…. ) as well as some invaluable tips on how to prevent hemorrhoids!
It was extremely refreshing to meet such down to earth people so obviously excited about the work they do. They are positively itching to get the new album out for everyone to hear. The feel- good nature of their gig had also spilled over to their dressing room which was rammed with loved ones who had put as much energy into cheering on their musical friends/family while they were doing their unique thing on stage. The Mayor , complete with all his golden splendor, also honoured them with a visit…..clearly they are very much cherished citizens.

P.S If you have previously dismissed these Newport Hip Hoppers because their lyrics happen to be on the ‘blue’ side of things it’s about time you have a rethink. Hilarious lyrics aside these guys know how to making cracking good songs….. You knows it!!

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