Cure for Cellulite?

Dannii Minogue told her 690,000 followers on Twitter: ‘My Style Tip. Try Proskins Caffeine-infused compression-wear for reducing exercise when you can’t exercise. Perfect for long flights.’ Another shameless celebrity endorsement via social media you might think…. Whatever the truth Danni is on to something with this particular product….

I was sent a pair of these technological leggings a few weeks ago for review. Having been sent hundreds of so called ‘miracle’ products over the years, to say I was skeptical was an understatement. That said, the fact that they were professing to improve cellulite, one of the most stubborn of body hangups, I was most definitely going to give them a try. I have not only battled the problem for years, but fought against the misconceptions associated with it. My ripply thighs have always been a bug bear, something I comment on regularly as a personal flaw that I wish I could eradicate. My complaints are often greeted with exclamations ‘oh shut up, you don’t have cellulite’ or words to the same effect. Many believe that only those that fall into the overweight category can be burdened with the problem when the fact is that someone who is referred to as skinny can also be plagued by the troublesome orange peel.

As soon as I slipped on the leggings I felt lithe, well more so than usual. They appeared to slim down my silhouette, so much so than my opinionated father felt the need to comment favourably by saying how flattering they were on me….particularly for leggings, an apparel he often sites as a reliable fashion faux pas. He often returns from the gym with his overview on woman’s workout attire, which more often than not fails to impress his critical eye…. this made his particular observation even more of a happy revelation.

I have been wearing the leggings for a few weeks now, whenever I am lazing about the house.. which has been a lot of late after a period of illness. While the rest of my body has deteriorated my thighs have been gunning for success. While I often think reviews of a positive nature can be down to the reviewer being so desperate to believe there is a positive result, I truly believe that has been some significant change in the appearance of my legs in this instance. Not only do my legs look and feel more slimline they are smoother in both appearance and feel. The feature which confirms its status as a genius product is that it doesn’t take any effort, which is great selling point for the busy or lazy amongst us. You are not having to waste valuable sleep time working in creams or massaging in gels, you don’t have to suffer the indignity of mummifying yourself in bandages or retching while drinking some vile detoxifying tonic, you simply have to slip on some rather nice and comfy trousers. I think we can all handle that!

Before I conclude my gushy product review, my mother, who makes many of her fashion purchases depending on their washing instructions, wanted me to flag up another bonus about the product – The Silver Inside Anti Bacterial Fabric means that you can go a long time between washes with no worry of odour or bad germs, the moisture management system controlling temperature and preventing sweating.

How Do They Work?

Micro- capsules contain…

Caffeine – A renowned active slimming agent that activates micro circulation and promotes fat destruction
Retinol – A skin regenerator which stimulates collagen , giving a youthful appearance to skin
Vitamin E – An antioxidant that helps the skin appear young and fresh
Aloe Vera – A plant extract that makes the skin feel smoother and softer

Enough of the science stuff. Users have reported the following results…

76% Slimming effect

Up to 2cm reduction in thigh perimeter

65% efficancy in reduction of fat nodes

63% stated a reduction in cellulite

72% of users felt leg lightness sensation

It’s all pretty convincing isn’t it… So come on fellow skeptics, put your pessimism aside for a bit and give Proskins a go….

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