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I had been spotting a definite gap in the music market of late, the hole being in the shape of a sassy female duo. With Oh My! it looks like we may have found the ladies to fill it… and boy do they do it in style. I caught up with the charmingly cheeky Alex and Jade to see what gets their juices flowing in the fashion stakes, what it’s like working with Example and how they feel about their upcoming tour with The Saturdays….

Hello Ladies, how are we feeling today?
We’re both really well Thank you!
What have you got planned for the day ahead?
We are on an Under 18s club tour at the minute so we are on our way to Burnley this evening to play to bouncy kids!
I saw some lovely shots of you both in UK Elle last month. Are you enjoying getting styled for shoots and are you happy to let stylists manipulate your style and try out new looks?
Thank you! Yeah we both love it, don’t think any girl wouldn’t like it, and we’re both open to anything the stylists want to try out. We have our individual looks that run through what ever we’re doing, but it’s always fun to try out fresh ideas .
Do you feel comfortable posing in front of the camera ( and all the other people that seem to linger around on shoots)?
Lol! At first we were a bit taken back, and obviously it does take you a while as find out which are your best angles! But we never work with people that we wouldn’t feel comfortable with and so far we’ve not had any bad experiences (touch wood!)
I guess you are being sent lots of lovely things to wear, what’s been the best thing so far?
Wow there has been so many things, its such a privilege. One thing we both always wear and you can spot us from a mile away from it is our matching Lazy Oaf rucksacks! It’s fast being our trade-mark!
How do both your styles compare (where do you both shop and who are you style icons)?
We love the high street shops like Topshop, H&M and Urban Outfitters, but we love little fun brands like Monki and Lazy Oaf.
I am still yet to venture to one of your club nights, Little Boots has joined you for one… what music are you spinning at the moment and who might we see join you in the future?
We both love pop so we always play up to date pop-music and then we take it back to the old school! Alex likes to play upbeat soul and R&B and Jade usually does a bit of a garage section! So far our guest DJs have been Little Boots, MNEK and Amir Amor … Who will be next?!
I guess you are mixing with some rather exciting people at the moment… Have you had any cool meetings/starstruck moments you can share?
We work quite closely with Example but he’s become more of a friend then anything. We were starstuck with Adele, we met her when she had just done her Brits performance , which had knocked us out. She was so lovely though so within a second it didn’t feel weird at all
You did a school tour, in front of the watchful eyes of an incredibly critical and honest audience… how did you go down?
Haha! Kids tell the truth no matter what which is why we loved doing it! It went down great. we had kids back-flipping off the stages, mosh pits, the lot. It was such a good laugh!
Coming back to Example, you met off-chance at the studio, he was impressed by your banter and ended up writing songs with you. He is outspoken and incredibly honest too, how was it working with him? Will we see single collaborations in the future?
He is great to work with, he is very honest but he really takes your thoughts into a song. He loved our banter! Not too sure if we’d collaborate on a single at the moment, we want to build up ourselves and not to be just known because we know him , that’s really important to us and Example.
Can you tell us something suprising about him, even if its something he might not like you sharing?
He doesn’t like getting his hair done or getting ready in general actually! And he likes green tea!
Can you tell me a bit about your writing processes, what environment aids your creativity and what you both bring to the table….
We can be anywhere and start writing, we like writing in parks actually! Jade usually thinks of one liners and then alex has the topic so we just work round it together.
Your video shoot for Kicking and Screaming was slightly marred by having to scoff a very sickly cake, how was it shooting the video for new single Dirty Dancer?
Omg that cake was so sickly! Lol! I was nearly being sick and it was custard, yuk. Dirty Dancer was completely different – we had the boy dancers on set which was a laugh , plus there was a lot of randomness in this video which was fun to watch happening .
For those that haven’t heard the single can you tell them what it’s about…..
It’s about people that just stand there in clubs and don’t dance. They stand their with their drinks or looking pretty, what is the point?! When we go out we wanna see people partying and having a laugh!
There aren’t many girl duos/bands around at the moment, did you guys always set out as a group or did you consider being solo artists?
We never really considered anything else, everything just fell into place, just the two of us and we love it like that. 2 is company, 3 is a crowd! 🙂
You have said it would be advised to be able to take a joke if you want to come on tour with you.. Who would be ideal tour buddies?
We’ll were really looking forward to the Saturdays tour, its gonna be lots of fun. Both of us normally get on really well with lads, so we always say it would be hilarious to tour with the Wanted, cause they seem sound and up for a laugh!
Have you and The Saturdays bonded yet?
We met them for the first time at a party a few weeks ago, and the girls are super sweet, and I’m sure bonding will begin when December comes, as we are all really busy until then.
Have you got any pranks planned?
Not yet! We tend to do things more spur of the moment depending on how mischievous we’re feeling. But when we do- were like Dastardly and Mutley!
You guys have owned up to tomboy tendencies… how do you feel about the prospect of so much oestrogen?
That’s fine! We can also be really girly. We love getting dressed up for a night out just as much as any one, but when we’re on stage we like to feel comfortable and chilled
I read an article in the Daily Star that said you were trained dancers, does a live performance always include impressive dance moves from you both?
Well there’s no backflips if that’s what you mean, it’s more about us just grooving out to the music on stage, with the odd move that we do together!
Will we therefore never hear an Oh My! ballad?
Yeh! We love to do a bit of everything and when it’s the right time we will drop a ballad Oh My! Style…
You’ve already appeared on some pretty high profile TV shows and stages… What event would be the ‘we’ve made it’ moment for you?
I’d say when we get on of those Nando’s free chicken cards – life couldn’t get any better! Or you know. having a Number 1 hit, or and headlining Glasto like Beyonce!
Does the prospect of fame and the intrusive nature of press scare you at all?
No not really, although when there’s loads of paps taking pictures of you, it proper blinds you and you can’t see where your going. When it’s happen it’s not so much scary, just we always think we’ll trip over!
What are your plans for the rest of 2011 and 2012.?
We are gonna be introducing the world to our music, touring with the Sats, more schools tours then eating lots of mince pies at Christmas! Then back in the studio in the new year to finish our album that will be coming out early next year – eeeek!

Most embarrassing moment?
Kids shouting Joey Essex over our songs! Bad times
Weird talent/party piece?
Alex can back flip
Guilty pleasure?
A. Justin Beiber
J. Super noodles!
Most prized possession?
A. My ‘Love’ necklace!
J. Photos
First record purchased?
A. B*witched
J. Usher
Recently played on your ipod?
A. Hotstepper
J. Plan b
Dream Date (destination and person)?
A. Zach Efron – in the carribean
J.Taylor Lautner (Team Jacob)- Paris!

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