Whenever I watch TV shows Come Dine With Me, How To Look Good Naked, Trinny and Susannah etc, where they see it fit to rifle through peoples underwear drawers I recoil in horror. The mere thought of someone having access to chaos that is my underwear drawer makes me feel all hot and bothered… and not in the good sense. It’s not because they house a vast selection of risque and sexy attire but because they contain a ridiculous amount of holey, worn, discolored articles that should have been forced the the fashion graveyard many moons ago.

Fashion Experts always bang on about the importance of great underwear, which should not only work as a great foundation for your ensembles but also make you feel secure and sexy. While I wholeheartedly back up this theory, as a singleton who rarely gets to showcase pretty undergarments I find it harder to splurge on a lingerie set than say a nice new blazer or pair of boots. I tend to have faithful bras, ones that are comfy lived in bras that I have owned for a few years and are almost just inbuilt in to my dressing routine. I find it hard to part ways with these, even if they’ve turned an unattractive off- white hue or if there is a split that reveals some of the padding. My hoarding tendencies only compound the issue, but I am trying to change my ways… promise. When news of the following greeted my email inbox I decided I really didn’t have an excuse to maintain this spilling mass of past-it underwear… It IS time to be ruthless with my body scaffolding and rejuvenate my collection with some sexy new up-lifters.

To support Octobers Breast Cancer Awareness Month, premium lingerie specialist Rigby & Peller is calling on women across the UK to recycle their old bras in support of Breast Cancer Care. From 4th to 31st October for every bra that you recycle you receive £10 off per bra that you purchase from the extensive range including the stunning new Autumn / Winter 2011 collection and mastectomy range.

With a donation of £1 for every 10 recycled bras going to Breast Cancer Care, the scheme is one that is close to founder, Mrs. June Kenton’s heart as a fellow breast cancer survivor. It was this experience that inspired Rigby & Peller’s development of a dedicated range with a specialised fitting service for mastectomy sufferers and prosthesis.

Mrs. June Kenton, comments: “This is our fourteenth year supporting Breast Cancer Care as a cause that is very dear to me personally and many other women across the UK. We hope that this initiative helps to raise awareness and funds for the cause whilst highlighting the sensitivities around body confidence that sufferers often feel. At Rigby & Peller we understand these sensitivities and pride ourselves on an unparalleled fitting service by highly experienced fitters, whether you are one of the 80% of British women wearing the wrong bra size or a mastectomy sufferer.”

To help support Breast Cancer Care, visit one of the seven Rigby & Peller stores with your old bras to receive £10 towards any new bra purchase.
Visit http://www.rigbyandpeller.com/ for more information and store locations.

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