Interview With Youngblood Hawke


In April during a 2 week work/pleasure trip to LA I met up with Sam and Simon of Youngblood Hawke. You may recognize their faces from their former party friendly musical outputs with Iglu and Hartley. They were kind enough to sit down and have a chat in the garden suntrap of my temporary abode just off Sunset Strip (otherwise known as Wall Street Riots HQ).

I had put off posting this interview, hoping I could tie it in with a London gig date or a video release, but I have decided I’d rather just post it now and spread the word about this great band… 

I like to wallow in misery and melancholoy as much as the next person, but its a joy to be able to listen to a band that radiates that uplifting summery vibe – particularly as the UK gets progressively greyer everyday….. 

Check out and Download here…..

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