Wolverine Press Day

During yet another manic day of press days and interviews I escaped to Shoreditch house to visit a couple of my fave PR ladies, Marika and Jenna of 10PR. The first collection I had a butchers at was Wolverine – lovely selection of shoes that I am going to be recommending to a lot of my style conscious male friends. They are all perfect to complete that chic yet cuddly layered up aesthetic this Winter. As well as their trademark, extremely comfortable lace up boots they had some cracking two tone brogues and an extremely wearable dark brown chelsea boot.

You always see a fair few familiar faces when visiting Shoreditch House, so one tries to emanate a certain amount of ‘cool’. Sadly once I left the ‘garden’ area of the 6th floor, passed the pool to head through the restaurant to the lift, any chance of this swiftly vanished. Someone had unhelpfully closed to sliding door and I couldn’t find the handle, or work out the direction to I was meant to be sliding the door. After an embarrassing amount of time smearing my hand prints on the glass in front of Plan B, who was sitting having lunch in direct eye view, I admitted defeat and asked the foxy lifeguard for help. Inevitably he strutted over and opened it with ease… immediately. To avoid further blushes I tried not to gain eye contact with those enjoying their foodie delights, getting my blackberry out and quickly pressing buttons to give the appearance of an extremely busy and important person!

Another Sophie fail in the cool stakes…..



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