If You Can’t Dance Badly At Xmas When Can You….

Firstly, I don’t mind confessing that my weekends feel somewhat dimmed since the conclusion of Strictly Come Dancing. I know it may not be cool, but I have to admit to getting completely caught up in the magic… and it really is magical… I won’t have you argue that point!
I have even been known to tear up watching a romantic Viennese Waltz. But one thing I won’t miss, aside from the cringey scripted jokes, is feeling uncomfortable when watching a sexy Rumba with the parents (this dance is pretty much sex with clothes on, or foreplay at the very least ).
Strictly has even made its may into my new year wish-list. I long to learn how to do the quickstep in the new year, so I can feel like a perfectly groomed dog prancing round the floor like they do at Crufts –
If someone can make this happen please do get in touch…

Anyway, before I ramble on about Strictly any longer, the following post is to showcase some dancing at the lower end of the skill spectrum… that said the displays are never lacking in effort.
And before you ask, I did get permission from the girls before posting these gifs… it is definitely not my aim not have no friends in 2012.

I hope these make you smile and remind you of the power of dance in creating joy. I also hope they encourage you all to get down with your bad selves as often as possible!! xx

Thanks Ellie, Alice, Laura, Jo, Erin…. good moves

Bad Xmas Dancing

Oh I say

Hand Grabs

Sophie Thrust

Ellie Dips Heather

Jo Egyptian Dance

Ellie does the Chandler

Embarrassing Sophie dance

Girlie Grind

Laura Raging

Sophie Ouch

Ellie and us girls terrible dancing

Ellie Dances With Her Scarf

Embarrassing Ellie no 2

Scared dancing Laura

Ellie Dancing to Cheryl, Erin unimpressed

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