Interview with Adee Phelan

Yesterday I headed in to town to visit Adee Phelan at his extremely cool Covent Garden salon. Rich wood flooring extends throughout the space, with mustard chesterfields, sleek Philip Stark desks and opulent gold mirrors completing the funky-classic aesthetic. Another Adee stamp is the stylish choice of music, a welcome contrast to the beige and predictable sounds that fill the plethora of somewhat more bland and sterile salons that litter our high streets.

I have followed Adee (not in a stalker-ish way) since he appeared in Channel 4s The Salon, which lead to many other TV (and tabloid) appearances. Others may recall the attention grabbing ‘do’ he created for David Beckhams iconic GQ cover. Most recently he returned to Channel 4, starring in the tear-jerking but uplifting The Secret Millionaire.

I had scheduled a ten minute interview but ended up nattering for a good 2 hours – testament to Adees infectious enthusiasm and catalogue of fascinating and naughty tales. If he doesn’t put everything in a book one day I’m bloomin’ gonna write one for him!

Watch the interview see us gush about our mutual love for Jonny Depp, to hear about Adees new products and plans for NY,  his views on Little Mix style, and for some useful hair tips for all your Xmas shindigs. 


Adee Phelan hair colour remover is the ultimate miracle transformation
product it removes hair colour completely safely and kindly. See,
believe and do it yourself at home 

What it does…

  • Removes permanent and
    semi-permanent hair colour. There’s no bleach or ammonia it simply
    reverses the hair colouring process to get you back to your previous
  • It removes colour build-up, all the ingredients of hair colour that
    can damage or over-dry your hair as well as excess build-up of
    conditioner, styling products and serum etc. It’s the ultimate detox in a
  • It even helps to strengthen your hair as its unique formula contains extract of pearl.

When and why to use it…

  • Use it every third time your colour to prevent coloured hair
    over-drying and to ensure you get the best results from your next hair
    colour. You get safe, predictable and more vibrant hair colour when the
    colour is applied to colour-free hair.
  • You can now colour with complete confidence. If you don’t like your
    new colour, you can simply remove it. Try new colours, experiment, go
    mad – if you don’t like it, remove it and start again. This is hair
    colour liberation!
  • Whether you want to change your colour because you’re tired of it,
    or if you’ve had a colouring disaster, here’s your answer. Use it as
    often as you like and as often as you need.

The alternatives

  • Keep the colour you don’t want – but why? Now you don’t have to.
  • Let it grow out. That could look awful and could take months. Don’t do it!
  • Apply a new colour over the unwanted colour. This is risky. Apart
    from potentially over-drying and damaging your hair, the results can be
    unpredictable. You might end up with another unwanted colour.
  • Have a salon ‘bleach bath’. It will get rid of the colour, but it
    will also cost you anything from £50 to £200 or more. Also bleach is
    harsher on hair than colourants, so you may seriously damage your hair.
    So don’t do it – your hair could become an expensive toxic dump!
  • The effective, safe and reliable answer is Adee Phelan Hair Colour Remover.

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