Interview with Lucy Jay for Stylebible


Can you tell me what attracted you to getting involved with LUX FIX? 
 I met the girls back in the summer and we had a chat about everything they were doing with the website and instantly I loved the concept and idea behind the whole store; the flash sales and exclusives where perfect and gave us all the opportunity to work together on some new ideas that would take the original Lucy Jay ideas to another level.

What is so unique about the website?
Their website has made online shopping exciting, with the exclusives and flash events… there is always something different online when you visit the site which makes it so unique and interesting to shop on.The exclusives are really great too, not being able to find these pieces anywhere else other than Lux Fix make it a really unique website.

Do you shop on the website yourself?

I was having a browse the other day thinking about Christmas presents for my family and friends while I was doing so, I definitely have my eye on the Leaf and Star Charm by Vinnie Day.  I will have to put it on my Christmas list!
Can you give me a potted guide to your career so far?
I am from the Wirral, which is a small place just outside of Liverpool in the north of England.  I moved to Manchester when I was nineteen and studied a degree in fashion design, which led me on to Lucy Jay and the work I do now; I am currently living in London and have been for about two years… since moving here my career has really excelled as I have had the opportunity to work with the likes of Urban Outfitters, Amnesty International and Stone and Spear all on collaborations that have been really exciting and helped Lucy Jay develop to what it is today.  Over the past two years since Lucy Jaywas launched I have been lucky enough to have my scarves sold at places such as No-One, The Design Museum and Urban Outfitters with features in publications such as Creative Review, Nylon Guys and Grazia.  I have recently also had the privilege to work with John
William, a stylist who has shown a great interest in my brand and we are currently planning some really exciting projects for my new collection.

You recently launched your menswear collection, how does the design process differ from the womenswear, and what males do you have in mind when brainstorming?
When it comes to the menswear I like the styles to be more refined, so I have to keep this in mind when I am brainstorming and designing. Colour combination’s and themes are slightly slicker, however I ensure that the Lucy Jay style still remains, this is what makes them different from everything else.



One of your collections was called Texas…does it often start with a theme or title which you work around? (please explain the process from inspiration to making the scarves?)
What was different about the Texas collection was that I had been wanting to take that idea for a while as I have family who live there, so after numerous trips over there, it was something I wanted to delve into and start generating ideas from.  So this collection was definitely built around this main theme and idea, unlike my previous Good collection, where I got ideas from a lot more places and themesthat seemed a lot more mish mash, that was the beauty of that collection though. 

Digital printing allows you to create vivid, intricate and perfectly precise designs.. Will you ever experiment with a more painterly approach?

Working with digital printing ensures that every detail can be achieved and what I create on the screen will look exactly as it does on the scarf, which is really important, particularly as the Lucy Jay style is very precise and detailed.  Saying that though, I love to experiment and working with different print processes is defiantly something I have been thinking about and something I can see the brand doing in the future.  It will bring a new dimension to the designs,which will be really exciting.

Is much of your day spent in front on the computer screen?

Most of my design work is done on the computer, so I do find myself in front of the screen most days.  However, when I have first been set a brief or am about to start a collection I will spend a couple of days out at museums, galleries or just generally exploring places to get inspiration and ideas; these are the best days because they are so inspiring.

How do you wind down?

I enjoy watching films or having some wine with my friends, either is the perfect way to wind down! I also enjoy running; putting on some good music and going out for an hour or so is a really great way to clear your mind.

Your designs sit just as well with street-wear designers as well as the vivid prints of high end designers like Basso and Brooke, where do you feel you sit best and who tends to buy your scarves?
I like to think the styles of Lucy Jay sit somewhere in between high end and high street; they are something that are not completely over the top or too pricey, however more accessible whilst ensuring there is a unique twist to them making them that bit different and mainstream from the high street.
Versaces H&M collection used bright and opulent prints… what did you think of the range?

Amazing… what else needs to be said! 

It seems a shame not to see you prints on dresses, tops and leggings. I can just imagine the likes of Jessie J, kanye West, Nicki Minaj lapping them up… What do you think?

This is something that I defiantly would like to do and would love to have all those celebrities wearing it all! I am just taking everything one step at a time, but watch this space as some new styles will be on their way very soon, I have some tricks up my sleeve for my next collection!
You seem to be inspired by street style. Where for you has the most stylish people in London?

Everywhere you go in London there are stylish people that is why I love it so much.  I live in East London and around here there are so many stylish people so even just stepping out of my front door people are dressed in such amazing things so it is easy to be inspired.

What is a normal Lucy Jay outfit?

I love my docs, leggings and oversized jumpers, and of course a Lucy Jay scarf in my hair, you can’t go wrong with that!
Does your home also mirror the colourful aesthetic apparent in your work?
I have actually just moved to a very white flat that is quite daunting for me so me and my housemate are still putting our colourful stamp on it!  But previous houses I have lived in I love frames with artwork and photos in, I have walls cluttered with things like that.  I love
making my home cosy, so there are always loads of bright and colourful blankets cushions and candles everywhere with bits and bobs I pick up everywhere.

 Can you tell me how the collaboration with Simon Cook came about?

Simon got in touch with me at the beginning of this year and we met up a couple of times and had a chat about our work and we both got really inspired and excited about the prospect of combining our styles and doing something together.  It was really great working with him, he is a really talented guy and I have learnt a lot from him.  We were and still are really pleased with our designs, I think they are really different and unique and represent us both perfectly.

Can you tell me how you approached the collaboration together?

We both just basically spent a couple of days working together and getting ideas back and forward and messing around with our styles until we created something really different and representative of both our styles.  Initially we didn’t know what product we wanted to design for, but with the nature of our designs and the way they were initially heading we knew pocket squares would be perfect.


You had a meeting with Jaeger shoes recently are you ready to divulge any more about that?

Well! This project coming up with them is really excited and I am coinciding it with the launch of my fifth collection.  I don’t want to divulge too much information, but what I will tell you is that I am working with John William the editor of Pigeons and Peacocks and we are creating something amazing! We are both really excited about it…you will have to wait and see though! Put March 15th in your diary and all will be revealed!
I also saw via being nosey on twitter that you sent some exclusives over to Japan… tell us more!

I am really excited about this and getting the opportunity to get the designs over to Japan… I have been working with a high end store in Tokyo on some exclusive colourways and styles which will be launching very soon… that is all I can say though! I will be sure to tweet about
it when they are released though to keep you updated.

Who are your favourite designers?

A Romance was Born… I love those guys, their work is so amazing and it would be really great to work with them and learn from them.  I find them really inspiring and there collections are so theatrical, it would just be amazing to work alongside them.

Favourite shops on the high street?

It has to be Urban Outfitters; I think they are really great at on the pulse styles and pushing new designers.  Working with them has been really great as well, they are an excited brand to be apart of.

What is your favorite restaurant? 
 I like Busaba, it is a Thai restaurant that has the best calamari ever.  I also love Tayyabs, which is an Indian Restaurant down the road from where I live in East London, it is the best curry ever, the
lamb chops are amazing too, a must for anyone in London or visiting.

What is your favorite bar?
There is a small pub back home that I love, whenever I go back I love to go with my parents and relax, it is nice and chilled and your typical northern pub.  But alternatively, I like the buzz of all the
bars and pubs in East London, particularly London Fields, around Broadway Market.  I don’t get the chance to go out a lot, but when I do I enjoy a couple of drinks with my friends there.

What is your favourite hotel?
The St Pancras Hotel in central London.  I had the privilege to go in a few weeks ago, it is the most amazing and luxurious hotel I have ever been too.

What are your must have products?

I always have to have a good moisturizer, my favorite and I think the
best is Palmers Coco Butter and it is not too pricey either.
What can’t you travel without?

Mascara and eyebrow pencil, as long as I have those two things I am happy!
Best secret in your little black book?

That would be telling wouldn’t it!

Best piece of advice you’ve been given

Stay focused.

What in on your ipod at the moment?
I love Ben Howard at the moment, his album is really great, so good to just sit and relax too, I am going to try and go to one of his gigs soon.  I have also been listening to 212 featured with Azealia Banks featuring Lazy Jay, as well as going for a bit of a blast from the past and really getting back into Cassius, there 1999 album has been on repeat.
Are you addicted to social networking?

I have a twitter profile for Lucy Jay which I enjoy keeping up to date and getting in touch with people, but other than that I am not really an addict when it comes to social networking.  I do use Facebook, but I am not crazy on it, I would rather see my friends and family face to

Aims for 2012?

To make it as good as, if not better than 2011.

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