Is it so wrong to be in love with a pair of trainers?

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of high-tops for what seems an eternity. I have coveted many trainers that my musical friends have been gifted with, all featuring fantastical details that set them apart from the norm.. designer zips, over-sized velcros, contrasting textures, vivid colourways,  luxury fabrics… and even 3D wings. Despite my longing for the extended sports/fashion shoe I’ve never quire felt I am funky/cool enough to pull off the look that usually accompanies such shoes – this insecurity may also have something to do with the extended amount of time spent searching before committing to a purchase.  That said, due to my unstable ankles, supremely arched feet and clumsy nature, a flat boot/trainer is quite clearly the sensible shoe for me. I also don’t have the kind of disposable income that allows for frequent frivolous footwear purchases, so I have made sure to hunt far and wide to find the pair that best meets the image of footwear perfection in my head.  This week, that momentous time came, I’d found my beloved new high top trainers.

I discovered these magnificent studded jems by Ash on Daniel Footwear, a fashion focused footwear retailer established in 1993. The site showcases an impressive collection of designer shoes and accessories alongside their own Daniel brand, a range which comes from factories that supply the leading fashion
houses of the world such as Christian Dior and Christian Louboutin. Ash shoes always find themselves one my most wanted list.They always seem to instill that hint of edgy-ness and distress which have the ability to add a toughness to an otherwise safe and simple ensemble. Despite my lust for the designs, they usually reside on said wish list and never usually get promoted to the’ just purchased’ list… till now!! I’m not gonna lie, the hefty discount offered on the sites sealed the deal, but boy are they spectacular. I have always been drawn to anything studded, the fact that there are skulls too, well there was no going back, the credit card was in hand within a blink of an eye.

This site also features designs by the likes of Dior, Camper, DKNY, Juicy Couture, D&G,
Armani, See By Chloe, Prada,  Love From Australia, Ugg, Diesel,
Stuart Weitzman, YSL, Prada Sport, Marc By Marc Jacobs and many more – so if you want to treat yourself or a loved one be sure to take advantage of the impressive sale, but try and do it before the 21st December so you can look swish over xmas!!

You can thank me later!  xx

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