Party like a Rock Star…

Myth or not, musicians have gained the reputation of being extremely
gifted when it comes to partying. Christmas, a time of year which
delivers us with opportunities a-plenty to gather with work mates and
loved ones (or not so loved ones) for revelry and debauched antics, has
arrived. So shrug off your stresses and swap your metaphorical work hat
for your naughty party headgear and take advantage of your well earned
time off ! While I’ve been urging you to get on it , it takes a bit of
goading to get me into the Xmas spirit of things. To gear up for the
festive fun I thought I’d pick the brains of some of the aforementioned
party experts and gain inspiration and tips on how to put on a stonking
good night.
Despite fully encouraging these wild group celebrations, I also 
wanted to check that these hardworking Sound-smiths have a sufficient
amount of time set aside to recoup over the Xmas period – after-all, we
need ensure they have the energy to continue treating our ears in

Sean Smith, The Blackout

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?

No party is complete without hearing “Jump Around” by House of Pain. That’s not my opinion, it’s stone cold fact!

Party essentials?
Friends, music & fun. Everything else is an optional extra!

What is on your Christmas Wish-list?
Money. I’m in dire need of money. Send money! Please for the love of god send me money!

Plans for Christmas?
Hopefully spend it with my girlfriend. Or as I’ve done for the last 6
Xmas’ spend the morning playing bingo with my dad and my brother in
Merthyr Labor Club.

New Years Resolution?
Get mo’ money! Be nicer! Don’t die!

Matt Barnes, You Me At Six

Your Party track?
‘Turn off the Lights’ by Steel Panther is a must have party classic for
us, every time we listen to it people lose their minds after a few

Party essentials?
A good party is plenty of booze, boobs, strobe lights, fire breathers, and loud choons.

What is on your Christmas Wish-list?
On my Xmas list I actually have a Lego VW Campervan, its over 1500
pieces and I hope I get it because if I do my Christmas day is sorted!

Plans for Christmas?
Plans for Xmas this year is to chill, we haven’t had Christmas off for
the past 3 years so I plan on doing a lot of nothing… Apart from
drinking of course

New Years Resolution?

No one sticks to new years resolutions… POINTLESS.

rob damianiRob Damiani, Don Broco
What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
Rihanna – What’s My Name? Because it always gets me hyped and has the
perfect tempo to get my grind on. Also always funny hearing everyone try
doing the Drake verse and not knowing the words so just
making weird noises.

What makes a good party for you?
Good friends, good music, good drink, someone getting it on in a
bedroom/ bathroom / secret spot and me and my mates running in on them.

What is on your Xmas list?
Some new big chunky headphones as I’ve lost all my pairs of normal sized
in ear ones. ‘Beats by Dr.Dre’ I hear are meant to be alright. Am
currently on a pair I got free with my phone where the jack doesn’t fit
in the input so it sounds like the track is skipping every 5 seconds
when it slips out. Not ideal.

Plans for Xmas?
Just got back from a trip to Hamburg with the lads. Would recommend the
‘Miniature Wonderland’ (Hamburg’s No.1 Tourist Attraction) to anyone
going (seriously!) Actual Xmas day with the family.

New Years Resolution?
Finish Don Broco’s debut album and be very successful.

Joe, Swound

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
WWE Wrestling theme tunes have become a bit of a pre-gig ritual for us
on our current tour with Electric Six so I’d have to say D-Generation
X’s entrance music just because it’s the best one. If you have no idea
what I’m talking about you can SUCK IT! Not really, I just wanted to get
in their signature phrase in this paragraph. We might look really cool,
but we aren’t. I’m wearing a Stone Cold Steve T-Shirt right now.

Party Essentials?
A 52 turn game of Mario Party 7 for the Game-cube would probably be the
ultimate party for us. It takes about 6 hours to play and by the end of
it you have usually lost all your friends and the will to live. We
enhance the experience by eating lots of crisps. It’s all stereotypical
stuff that a rock band get up too I guess.

What is on your Christmas Wish-list?
I would like a Vac Man action figure. He’s the nemesis of Stretch
Armstrong and came to earth from a galaxy far away. Not only can you
stretch him but you can also suck all the air out him (with the included
pump) so that he goes all stiff. We had one when we were younger but he
eventually popped because we played with him and sucked him too much
and this rank glue-like liquid came out of his hole.

Plans for Christmas?
Playing with Vac Man.

New Years Resolution?
Not to break Vac Man.

Lady Chann

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
I always get hyped when Major Lazers ‘Pon Di Floor’ comes on.

Party Essentials?
Varied selection of music, good mates, good vibes, a great cheap bar (preferably a free bar haha!) And a decent venue.

What is on your Christmas Wish-list?
A Mac Book pro 15″.

Plans for Christmas?
I’m looking forward to just chilling out with my mum, brother and
daughter and mates.. And getting a lot of rest and eating till I moan
about how many lbs I’ve put on! Lol!

New Years Resolution?
To be on time!

Matt Sharland, Idiom

What is your party track?

Party Hard by Andrew WK, or any Limp Bizkit.

Party  Essentials?
lots of JD and everyone i love under one roof

What is on your Xmas list

A new P.A for our band practice room and a dinosaur, but one of these is unlikely  !

Plans for Christmas?
Im going to see my old’s and drink with my mates after, well fingers crossed.

New Years Resolution?
Live each day like its my last 🙂

The Tricks

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
If I was going to give a cool answer it would be Julian Casablancas ‘I
Wish it was Christmas Today’… but if I was being honest, it would
actually be Wham! ‘Last Christmas’.

What makes a good party for you?
Well, an excellent buffet is very, very important… don’t be stingy and
go to Iceland though, your guests will ALWAYS be able to tell. A good
selection of beverages; not just lager… I want to mix my drinks
horrendously. Scotch, Port, Mulled Wine and eggnog.

What is on your xmas list?
Socks. The average person may feel aggrieved to receive socks for
Christmas but I, on the other hand, LOVE socks. The more lurid the

Plans for Xmas?
My plan is to put on at least a couple of stone in weight and grow an incredibly large beard.

New Years Resolution?
To lose the weight I’ve put on over Christmas and have a shave.

New Years Resolution?
To lose the weight I’ve put on over Christmas and have a shave.

Dead Wolf Club

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
Daft Punk Harder,Faster,stronger, better and Kim Wilde Kids in America

What makes a good party for you?


What is on your xmas list?
-Black Dobro, Super Mario Land, Chestnuts, Tangerines, Wool, Party Poppers, Champagne, Crackers

Plans for Xmas?
Hibernating, tickling and knitting

New Years Resolution?
Be Excellent to everyone and try to be a better person (their debut self-titled album is out on Feb 1st on Scene Not Herd Records)

Trev, Dog Is Dead (photo credit Aideen Shannon)

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
Party hard – Andrew wk because it makes everyone party hard.

What makes a good party for you?
Friendly people cheap or free booze. Distinctive location eg: pine forest, cave, hidden beach

What is on your xmas list?
Personally I’ve asked for a new coat. This christmas will be the 4th year running that I will wear my current one.

Plans for Xmas?
24th – pub with DiD lads hopefully maybe some other friends aswell 
25th- spend with extended family in a very cramped house.

New Years Resolution?
New years res. Prepare myself more for when I go on tour. Eg: foriegn plug adapters, Berocca etc….

Lee Cooper, The Hush

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?

Eat World – The Middle.This is a perfect party song, it isn’t a real
party if this song isn’t played at least 3 times in the night..

What makes a good party for you?

all your good friends in one room bouncing conversations off each
other, plenty of drink and good music. pretty standard.

What is on your xmas list?

On my
Xmas list this year I have a lot of boring studio Equipment that I need
for the new year & bits and bobs for my car! Exciting eh?

Plans for Xmas?

Seeing my Family as a lot of them don’t live near me, so its a big
thing in our house when it comes to Christmas, also lots of traveling
and spending time with the guys planning 2012!

New Years Resolution?

Actually don’t really have one this year, but if I had to choose it
would be eating more healthily, my diet is horrendous I’m surprised I’m
not 30 stone

Lackie, We Were Promised Jetpacks

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
Ike and Tina Turner – Nut Bush City Limits… listen to it and you tell
me why it shouldn’t be on your party playlist – I bet you can’t think of
a reason because it’s a party classic!

What makes a good party for you?
A good party for me is when my really annoying, super sensitive
neighbours don’t make a noise complaint… and Nut Bush City Limits is
blaring out of the speakers… simple.

What is on your xmas list?
I’m trying to keep fit and healthy so I’m getting a bike for
Christmas… I feel like I’m 12 again, waiting on Santa to bring me my
new bike! It’s exciting.

Plans for Xmas?
The Christmas plans are simple in the Lackie household, It’ll just be my
parents and little brother at the house this year. My mum makes a mean
asparagus soup every year!
Boxing day is when it all kicks off though. This year everyone will be
coming round to my flat with their leftover Christmas dinners, Christmas
jumpers and as much drink as they can ‘borrow’ from their parents and
we will be betting on the football all day, before having our big
Christmas night out!

New Years Resolution?
Get out my bed at a reasonable time, if only once.

Mark Austin, The Minutes

What song is a must for your party play-list and why?
Burn the witch QOTSA  — proper devil time partttty tune .

What makes a good party for you?
Good party is with yer mates .. Wherever it is so long as you got your mates its gonna be bangin.

What is on your xmas list?
A nice three piece sui . A big Gibson acoustic geetarrr and an acre of weed.

Plans for Xmas?
Xmas will involve food food food . Beer family .. Tv . And Bob Dylans xmas record on the player.

New Years Resolution?
I’m resolute as it is. No new resolution .. I am what I am!

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