Thou Shalt, Thou Shalt Not

than make resolutions I have compiled a list of things to I want to try
and try not to do in 2012. They are a mixture of the superficial and
frivolous, with the potential life changers. I am not so naive to think I
will achieve everything that I want to, but I am at least going to give
it a hearty shot.

  • Thou shalt endeavor to see all those people I always promise to catch up with and never seem to find the time to see.
  • Thou shalt get a better work/life balance.
  • Thou shalt try and stop working by midnight – I’m sure glaring at my
    laptop into the small hours has contributed to years of Insomnia.
  • Thou shalt learn how to spell rythym…. rhythm. Probably quite important as a music journalist.
  • Thou shalt go and say hello to people first rather than put my head down and change direction, fearing that awkward greeting.
  • Thou shalt try and gauge the appropriate greeting more successfully –
    there have been too many accidental snogs and head crushing hugs this
  • Thou shalt not repeatedly forgive the silly buggers that don’t deserve to be given more and more chances.
  • Thou shall spend more time with girls.. I spend so much time with
    boys I might as well be growing a pair…. plus I’m not sure always
    being with a group of lads helps the love life potential. 
  • Thou shalt try and make it to New York. It has been my wish for over
    two decades and as a fashion/music journalist it is surely an essential
    city to visit. If any NY inhabitants are reading and have a spare room
    please do get in touch!

  • Thou shalt learn not to worry so much about what people think.
  • Thou shalt be content with the fact that you can’t please everyone all the time.
  • Thou shalt try and make it Coachella Festival. Imagine, a festival in the sun.. with palm trees!

  • Thou shalt not read YouTube comments.
  • Thou shalt not get annoyed at the volume of my Dads sneezes.
  • Thou shalt get closer to the dream of buying a flat. 
  • Thou shalt not squeeze my spots or pick at dry skin – Mum you should
    follow the second, particularly when we are watching TV, it is most
  • Thou shalt not be so self critical.
  • Thou shalt get my hair trimmed regularly.
  • Thou shalt not be a hermit. 
  • Thou shalt try and eat less and slower. I’m sure wolfing in the manner that I do is not an appealing sight. Below is a good example

  • Thou shalt shave my legs more regularly. 
  • Thou shalt try to draw again.
  • Thou shalt be the best friend I can be.
  • Thou shalt get myself well.
  • Thou shall dance with complete and embarrassing abandon, on a regular basis.
  • Thou shalt say yes to going on dates with men.
  • Thou shalt be more smiley, but not in a creepy way.
  • Thou shalt try to finally get to Australia… to see friends who moved there 10 years ago!!
  • Thou shalt try and wearing matching socks at least once, preferably without holes.
  • Thou shalt brush my hair more regularly so no one sees it fit to call me Bob Marley this year.


Bob Marley Hair circa Boardmasters Festival 

  • Thou shalt remember to bring my Odeon card to the cinema.
  • Thou shalt not let people take advantage so much.
  • Thou shalt start flossing. 
  • Thou shalt be one tough cookie.. while trying to maintain a soft centre. 
  • Thou shalt regularly visit the gym I have just joined. I have not  been a member of a gym in 6 years… this one should be interesting!

That is all…. for now

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  1. Gbird
    January 1, 2012 / 1:33 pm

    This is amazing! 🙂 x

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