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If any of you read my New Years Resolution post or follow my Tweets (those of you who don’t why the devil not?? follow @SophieEggleton), then you will be aware that I am attempting to become a fitter version of myself this year. I know, I know, it’s something a large chunk of the population aim to do at the beginning of every new year… but I really mean it this time. So I am into the fourth week of attending the gym now and I am already starting to see some positive affects. Not only am I sleeping better and generally less grumpy then usual, I am starting to see definition on my stomach! I’m not quite Flavia or Jet from Gladiators yet but it’s definitely a good start! But I have a feeling my squidgy thighs and bum are going to be a bit more stubborn.. but I do enjoy a challenge!

As well as documenting the various sporting activities I will be trying in 2012, I will also be testing/reviewing various products I am using, drinking and wearing alongside this new regime.

So, because of my various health issues and ailments my immune system is not the most robust. To stand me in good stead I thought it would be a good idea to give it a boost somehow.

UK Based UnBEElievable Health launched new BEE Prepared Immune support Max Strength and DAILY Defence last October.

BEE prepared Daily Defense immune system support contains a combination of high quality natural ingredients be taken once a day for daily immune system maintenance.

BEE Prepared MAX Strength includes additional ingredients, Astaxanthin and Reishi Mushrooms to combat he first signs of illness.

Helpful For… 
Colds & Flu
Sports, training and fitness
When feeling run down
Daily maintenance of your immune system
Hay fever

Bee Propols
Black Elderberry
Olive Leaf
Beta Glucans
Reishi Mushrooms (MAX strength version only)

Elizabeth Saltzman (Celebrity Sylist and Ex Fashion Editor Vanity Fair – ‘I don’t leave home without the stuff., it’s great.I even have my children taking it. It works.I now give it to my clients in fashion and film shoos ( the product is said to be in hands of Jessica Biel, Elle McPherson,Halle Berry, Uma Thurman and Gwyneth Paltrow among others.’

Lisa B – “I take BEE prepared to help keep my immune system in fighting form, being a mum of there boys aged 5 and under means I try to stay as fit as possible – there is no time to be ill!”

In addition to keeping you healthy, UnBEElievable Health do their part to keep the planet healthy as well…..

Carbon footprints are kept low by sourcing ingredients in the EU and manufacturing products in the UK

A portion of the proceeds of each box solid is donated to Vitamin Angels, an amazing charity that delivers essential vitamins to children in need.

UnBEElievable Health work hard to raise awareness about the worldwide decline of bee colonies.

Available in Health Food stores and chemists including Planet Organic, Nutricentre (Tescos), Revital and www.victoriahealth.com

An energising fusion of nature’s most revitalising fruits and purest teas, blended with the zing of the Ginseng to give a refreshing healthy lift is the description of these Little Miracles.

If I see the words Ginseng and Organic I can’t help be put off… it screams HEALTH to me, and as someone who has spent most of their life enjoying gorging on food and drink that shout the exact opposite this is not an appealing characteristic. But with my new frame of mind I am trying to change this warped view and give these healthy options a fair go……

Inspired by hardworking chinese farmers during a traveling stint in the Far East. Little Miracles founder, Jorn Singer was determined to find a source of their endless energy. He was  informed of the special properties of the Chinese Ginseng root and a traditional Ginseng formula that allegedly enabled farmers to double their efforts at harvest time. Have discovered the origin of natural energy, Jorn worked with a team nutritionists to rework samples of the purest Panax Ginseng into powerful concentrate and Little Miracles was born.

Green Tea – The tea in this Little Miracle is made from green tea leaves grown on peaceful mountain sides in Sri Lanka. As the tea has undergone both minimal oxidation and further processing , it holds a high level of antioxidants as more of the original plant substances survive, including he essential polyphenols.

A Fusion of natural flavours including Green Tea, Ginseng, Pommegrante, Acai

White Tea – Although white tea’s health benefits have been known in the Far East since the Ming Dynasty, the tea is relatively new to the Western World. Green, Black and White Tea are derived from the same plant. However, the buds selected for the white tea are harvested at a far more immature stage. After the harvest , the buds chosen for white tea are gently processed in order to prevent oxidation or further fermentation, in order to retain the delicate taste and natural benefits.

A fusion of natural flavours including White Tea. Ginseng, Cheery and Acai

Black Tea – The tea base in this Little Miracle is made from black tea leaves grown on the sunny mountain sides in Sri Lanka, Black tea generally more oxidized than the oolong, green, and white varieties and carries a lower level of natural antioxidants while having a higher level of natural caffeine.

A Fusion of flavours including Black Tea, Ginseng, Peach and Acai

I have to say that I have probably been doing my taste-buds a massive disservice by disregarding similar products in the past, as I have to confess to finding the White Tea option absolutely delicious! I reminded me of those lovely fruity boiled sweets I used to have as a child, on those seemingly never-ending trips to see my Grandparents in Weymouth and Leicester. The drinks are actually lovely and sweet,  and have the added bonus that you know you are putting some good stuff in your body at the same time!

Little Miracles are available from Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose and selected Holland and Barrett stores, priced at £1.49 for 330 ml.

When it comes to weight loss products I’m a bit hesitant to write about them  Sadly a lot of people do not behave sensibly and put their health in real danger. So please, if you want to use products like this make sure you are eating well, and often, and not just looking for a quick fix!! Disclaimer complete….

I remember seeing Lord Sugar say on a chat show that he’d come up with an ingenious concept relating to weightloss.  The Tiny Fork Diet – it’s all in the name really. He suggested simply using scaled-down cutlery to fool the brain into thinking you are getting full, when in fact the amount of food being consumed it less than with normal sized eating instruments.

His idea is not really a new concept, but a new way of  interpreting a well oiled theory.
We are frequently told that weight-loss is largely down to our brains. It is our noggin that controls whether we feel hungry, and that is why this particular product appears to be so effective. It’s 100% natural ingredients include the amino acid, 5 -HTP, which is essential to the production of Seratonin – a naturally occuring chemical created in the brain which can help to keep the dreaded hunger pangs at pay.

It’s a pretty simple product to use. Simply spray on your tongue 3 times, 5 times throughout your day and you should stop wanting to seek out that deadly treat draw/cupboard. It’s compact size also makes it an easy addition to your handbag. Just another object in the mix to make it harder for you to find your keys!

Of course this is not a solution to all your weight woes, to get the best results you should be combining the spray with a well balance but low calorie diet and a mild excercise program.

One bottle, a month supply, costs £23.95 and is available from most good independent pharmacies or  www.fullfastonline.co.uk

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