If you read my new years resolutions post or follow my tweets you will be aware that I am on a health drive of sorts in 2012. Well I say health drive…I am basically just trying to introduce some form of exercise for the new year – unfortunately I don’t think my regaulr brisk walk to the local curry house counts!

It had been over 5 years since I had worked out in the gym. As the years fly by and the terrifying 3 0 gets scarily closer I notice more and more things less able to withstand my neglect. I have always had a massive appetite, generally eating more than my brother and dad (not combined) at meal times. I have always remained slim and even in the underweight BMI bracket. This may be down to my extreme IBS which means food tends to exit my body pretty sharpish… don’t worry I won’t go into further gruesome detail. Anyway, the last few years I have noticed some deterioration’s in my body. For one, my stomach is getting softer.. not quite the dreaded muffin top but it is definitely collecting some crumbs. My arms are still frailly thin but have a wobble which could be described as having bingo wing potential, and my bum, although not huge, is definitely a bit juicy and squidgy. Now, I’m not looking to lose weight with my exercise endeavors this year but I would like to tighten and firm up.. and just feel a bit better all round.

So on the blog over the next year I am going to try and experiment with various keep fit techniques and let you know how I get on. Many use dancing as a fun way of hitting weight or fitness targets they’ve set. It feels more like a hobby or social outing than a chore. I’ve never been a good dancer, but that has never stopped me. If I am gifted with a dancefloor and good tunes I enjoy boogying with complete abandon, there’s something liberating about it…. definitely a great mood booster….

So if you fancy getting involved in some sort of dance and want to be trendy while doing it, check out Move Its tips for this year…..

Log on to to learn how to perfect
the amazing new styles of dancing (listed below). through a series of MOVE IT Dance Trends
Masterclass video tutorials from the likes of So You Think You Can Dance
2012 Winner Matt Flint, Futunity and Bollywood Dance London. Each
demonstrate why each of these new trends are the next big thing for

Check out each MOVE IT Dance Trends Masterclass on 


the return of the quintessential gentleman’s style of dance. Hollywood
movies starring Fred Astaire inspired men all over the world to dress
sharp and move smooth, but in recent years tap dance became more
synonomous with workmens boots, dirty jeans and bin lids (think STOMP!).
In 2012 Tap is back and it has had a suave new makeover. So You Think You Can Dance winner MATT FLINT
re-invents the style for contemporary gents through charismatic moves,
fine tailoring and a dapper sense of style not only in dress but in
dance techniques and movements. 



and influenced by epic gothic movies like the Underworld series (the
latest instalment Underworld: Awakening is out in January 2012), gothic
hip hop takes cutting edge Hip Hop and streetdance moves and gives them a
dark and dramatic twist, creating a unique and ground breaking style
for 2012. Beware what lurks in the darkness…

BELLY-BOLLY DANCE (great for fitness)

think you know what Bellydance is all about? Think again. 2012 sees the
style evolving and embracing the glamour, giltz and the soundtrack of
Bollywood movies. The moves are fast paced and feature Bollywood’s
trademark expressive hands and undulating hips. Whilst the Indian twist
gives the style a fresh edge, all the classic Bellydance benefits are up
for grabs; a flatter tummy, toned arms and a chance to express your
sensual side.

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