Rocawear steps foot onto the UK High Street

To coincide with the launch of their upcoming Spring/Summer Collection the street-style brand have created some fetching footwear which will be available from mid February to purchase online and in store at USC .

Founded by Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter, Damon Dash and Kareem ‘Biggs’ Burke, with the backing of Iconix Europe, the brand really doesn’t need positive mentions by the likes of me to encourage sales. With an aesthetic appealing to a vast demographic and influential music moguls and modern icons at the helm, the company have achieved a scarily impressive $700 million annual retail sales. That said, credit where credits due, they are a brand that appear to progress style-wise with every collection,  and I was thoroughly impressed when I got a sneak peak at their Spring/Summer clothing offerings. Once again they have delivered a great range of denim styles and numerous pieces emblazoned with logo details for clothes horses that really want to show off that they are sporting the brand. But what was most noticeable about the latest designs was that they had upped the wearability factor. While tapping into current and seasonal casual-wear trends there were subtle and muted pieces, and those which tapped into the incredibly popular preppy look. When you look at Jay-z personal style choices over the last few years similar ideals are obvious. He continues to nod regularly to New York Street Style, but we also see him adopt a more mature look with dapper or coutry-gent type ensembles.

The latest shoes collection really captures how the brand have updated….

Roca Wear Volley Docka

Crafted out of stone-washed canvas, the Volley Docka comes in either black or khaki. The shoe is light weight with a chunky vulcanised mid-sole.

Roca Wear Volley Docka

Slip-on and laced up versions of the alternative option of the Volley Docka, simply known as the Volley slip-on jute and Volley lace-up jute. Stitched onto a woven mid-sole, both styles are made with a stone-washed upper canvas. The slip on option comes in either stone or black, and the lace-up version will be available in khaki or black.

Roca Wear jute

The Prima Lux Hi (see above) and the Chukka Wedge (see below) are another couple of beauties from the full collection, but are not stocked at USC. I have been seeing a lot of Wedged shoes for men, what do you think about this particular emerging trend?

Roca Wear Chukka Wedge

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