Smooth You Salon – Review

  My new ‘do’… look, no split ends!!

Smooth You
70 Essex Road, N1 8LT
T: 0207 704 1955
M: 07989378764

So, 2011 saw me once again completely fail to stick to my new years
resolutions. Not only did I continue to brutally squeeze my many
constellation-like formations of spots, I still moisturized far too
infrequently, and left my tresses untouched for an almost unthinkable
amount of time. In fact last summer I ended up picking up the nickname
Bob Marley – not for my ability to produce Reggae classics, but thanks
to my impressively matted mane, one that resulted from the onslaught of
summer festivals and their associated lifestyle. To avoid having to try
and construct some sort of acceptable style with my unmanageable
straw-like tresses during the party-heavy festive period, I booked
myself into Smooth You. I hoped/prayed their healing hands would
counteract all my neglect and wrong- doings of the past year, just in
time for my first Christmas shindig.

A mostly pleasant walk from Angel Tube station, the main salon doesn’t
really showcase any show-stopping artistic flair, nor is it particularly
unique in style, but it is light, airy and clean… and these are
qualities that shouldn’t be sniffed at. As soon as I came into the
gleaming white space I was greeted by a perfectly groomed lady and asked
whether if I’d like a refreshment. They have various exciting options –
even Champagne if you are so inclined on a weekday morning. My
sensible/boring water arrives with a tasty treat.. and anything
food-like, with the bonus of it feeling free is always a good addition
in my books!

 From the off Senior Stylist Steven could see my hair was in dire need of
some tender lovin’ care, particularly after its first ever dye session
at the beginning of last year, one which appeared to have sucked all the
moisture out of it’s former glory. He opted to give it a treatment
before getting going on the cut. Prime Plenish was used to strengthen my
weakened hair, with the Muroto Volume treatment adding much needed
oomph to my hair. I have always loved the over the top glamour of big
hair, I’m not one for that sleek wet look that’s all the rage on the
catwalks at the moment – mainly because it would expose my oversized

Now, massage chairs are one of those things that sound fantastic, but it
isn’t always the case – with bias I completely concur with Ryan Goslings opinions
in Crazy Stupid Love. In the past I have found the intended relaxing
movements far too vigorous and intrusive. But todays chair was so good
that Mr Sandman found an opportunity to pay a visit. Combined with
Stevens second to none head massage.. we’ll say no more!

We are all aware of the stereotype of hairdressers and their unrivaled
ability to chat. On occasions it’s merely a to and fro of banal chat,
with the odd frivolous question regarding X Factor or the Soaps.
Occasionally it’s an all out therapy session. With Steven it just felt
like I was chatting to a friend, a lovely and interesting one with the
handy ability to transform my looks. I even came away with some great
music tips!  It has been a fair few weeks since the treatment and style,
and despite the fact I am yet to take Stevens advice on more
appropriate shampoos and conditioners my hair still feels like the
softest of angel hair. And Steven, if you are reading this I promise to
get the ends trimmed more regularly than usual!

I had first visited Smooth You a few months back to celebrate their
launch, joining the team for a tour and quick restyle – while indulging
in champagne and canapes of course. Despite it’s many winning qualities,
I voiced concern about its location. I had worried its situation off
the beaten track would hinder it’s success. I’m most pleased to have
been proven wrong. One hint to their future success should have been the
owners Patrick and Luma Mitchel. The exotic stare-inducing Luma, has
many years experience in fitting hair extensions, having run several
successful hair extension salons in San Paolo. She also serves as a
perfect advert for her craft. Patrick completes this perfect partnership
with his stunning track record in business and finance.

They must have had a feeling they were on to a winner, and it would
appear that positive word of mouth has done the trick. Smooth You are
now in the lovely position where they are able to expand, opening two
new salons this year. They will still keep it a boutique in feel, but
reveal different lines within ‘Smooth You’ brand. i.e a floor for Smooth
Hair, a floor for smooth Beauty and a section for Smooth Extensions.
Steven also revealed some other exciting developments within the salon
including the recent collaboration with the BEFFTA Best hairstylist 2011
winner – Eugene Davis. The superstar stylist, who has worked with the
liked of Aaliyah, Mary J Blige, Gillian Anderson and Lil Kim to name but
a few, will be joining the team twice a week as a Wig Expert and
Creative Stylist. Eugene has over 20 years worth of industry experience
from Music, TV, commercial, advertising, editorial work and much more.

With the top notch team they have on board, and the vast amount of
treatments on offer –  they have cutely compact rooms downstairs
offering numerous treatments for face, body, skin, hands and feet –
Smooth You is the perfect one stop destination for both a relaxing
beautifying session or a complete image re-haul. I’m going to persuade
all my frenzied brides to be pals to have a pre-wedding/ hen party
pamper day there… after-all there’s got to be some benefit to being the
perennial bridesmaid!

Monday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Tuesday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Wednesday 10.00am – 8.00pm
Thursday 10.00am – 8.00pm
Friday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm
Sunday – Closed

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