GHD SCARLET- The Ideal Valentines Gift??

When I got my brand new Scarlet GHD’s in the post I had to take a few minutes out of my day to admire the beauties. My love for the humble version of the super straightener was already cemented, but this supermodel one, with it’s hot red designer coat, swiftly caused me to swap my affections. Who said keeping it in the family is a bad thing! 

 I have always been a bit partial to objects that fall into the retro bracket. Perhaps it’s because depictions of eras gone by seem so much more romantic.. and the women look like…. well women! My obsession with these looks has been heightened by recent cinema trips and movie nights at home. I still obsess over Keira’s stunning emerald floor length gown in Atonement, considered a platinum restyle after viewing My Week With Marilyn and decided to hunt down dropped waist pieces after being mesmerized by The Artsist. With its rich red case, complete with art deco badge this would certainly add a welcome retro element to area of pampering in my room. 

As well as enjoying the vintage inspired qualities of this new glamourous version it dawned on me that this is the sort of present I’d like to get from a man on Valentines Day. It has enough elements to link it to the romantic occasion ( the red colour and luxury packaging) but it something that a lady can actually find useful, and not throw away once the day is over. Plus we all know that a straightening iron is pretty much an essential in most women’s life, so if it can be opulent too then even better!

I always feel a bit sorry for boys when it comes to Valentines Day. From chats with my girly friends it would seem that it a bit of a minefield and it most definitely  not a case of one size fits all. Girls are complicated, and one girls trash is another girls treasure. 

Officially I have been single for quite a while… I’m hesitant to reveal exactly how long, but an adequately frustrating length of time nonetheless. Last year I did receive a card however, and that mere gesture was enough to keep me from feeling sorrowful for the entire wretched day. Girls that are high maintenance or used to be treated to an expensive date as well as an array of well thought out (or designer) gifts will expect a lot, and failure to do so could result in an extremely huffy brat-woman, no nookie for a week… and potentially singledom. 

Like I said we are all different.. my friend Nat despises flowers but I would probably cry tears of joy if a bunch landed on my doorstep come Valentines Day. I guess the key with most things is knowing your audeince. So guys, I hope you have been paying attention and not doing that thing where you are pretending to listen while being dragged round the shops. A tip for you… these shopping trips are often where the girls are dropping fairly unsubtle hints for future gifts….

I’ve been giving you various tips on the run up to Valentines, but here is my final selection of ideas…

I’ve done all I can… I wish you luck !

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