I’m so used to getting the hump when looking at the overly busy inbox these days that receiving an email from the team at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on
the weekend was a particularly welcome treat. Despite the fact that one
of my most important new years resolutions has been to try and get my
work/life balance better this year, I have still been working my ass off
, albeit a tighter version than 2011’s- I have managed to stick to my
new fitness regime thus far. I knew that I would have to do a watered
down version of LFW this season or I would land myself in a tired
heap and be scarily behind on other work commitments, so I didn’t make
the usual effort in applying for show tickets. But when I got an email
inviting me to the Pam Hogg show there was no way I was going to miss it…there’s a reason it is one of the busiest shows each fashion week.


I arrived a bit early at Freemason Hall, the venue for many of the
most exciting shows during the fashionable week. I am one of those
people that always get the train before the one I need to, just in case
any unforeseen events occur that should affect the speed of my journey.
Being a stickler for time should be a positive trait, but essentially it
means I have probably spent the majority of my life waiting and getting
huffy, largely because the majority of my friends are creative/music
types who are renowned for their less than punctual nature. As I said
before there was no way I would allow TFL to ruin my plans yet again, so
I got to the venue with time to spare. As instructed on in my email I
called the lovely girls from Vauxhall Fashion Scout who located
me amongst the mass bustle of people queuing outside, thanks largely to
my polarizing neon statement jumper. The lovely Kate and Laura took me
the back way through to the catwalk and sat me down in the front row. I
always feel rather unworthy of that situation, but I wasn’t going to
argue my premier seating position… I’m a plonker at times, but I’m not
completely stupid!


I was due to meet a friend in Chelsea for a fashion party/catwalk
show afterwards so was feeling a bit stressed as the clock ticker
progressed considerably past the scheduled start time. To be honest it
is rare for shows to start on time though, and in this case at least the
staff were calm and polite, and less like the rough cattle herders I’d
experienced at other shows desperately attempting to seat all the
wannabe attendees. While more stylish but sweaty bodies were attempted
to be slotted into the small gaps, some of the celebrities took
advantage of the extended waiting time, positioning themselves in the
centre of the catwalk for superior viewing potential, giving ample
opportunity for the paps to get as many shots of them as possible. X
Factor singer Alexandra Burke took particularly pleasure in lapping up the attention. Duran Duran’s Nick Rhodes
opted for the cooler, ‘I don’t need press’ approach, sitting calmly in
the front row naturally emanating pure X factor. Other celebrities in
attendance included the ‘worlds first supermodel’ Janice Dickinson and Tolula Adeyemi, as well as the colourful fashion faces you see pop up at every show and party.

Finally the chaos died down and the room looked in some sort of
order… the lights dimmed. After a brief pause a twangy guitar sound
filled the room to introduce a model with a red, black and white
graphic latex dress, with a full swishing skirt,  a strong look
completed by a coned head piece. After a similar skirted look which is
by now accompanied by a country violin/fiddle and an ‘unusual’ vocal,
Pam Hogg’s trademark jumpsuits are now on display – all with incredible
statement head gear. Just under three minutes in we see a model of a
short stature sporting a blackened uni-brow contrasted against a
platinum quiff which popped out from her over sized monochrome bonnet.
It is none other than diminutive actress Jaime Winstone, who
despite her less than model stats looked great on the catwalk, with just
the right amount of attitude and rebellion to sport Hogg’s style with


Okay, so admittedly the nude/sheer bodysuits are not every day wear
for us normal folk – unless you wish to cause traffic accidents, run the
risk of getting arrested, catch a cold, give your parents a heart
attack…. and potentially cause people to vomit if your body is not in
the nick required for such daring attire, like myself. However, they
should be looked at with wonder. The way they show everything, but
nothing at the same time is a major design feat. On many of the body
stockings the modesty stripes, strips and opaque blocks are situated
just so that everything is exposed apart from the naughty bits, the
clever shapes and lines also enhancing or streamlining the body. But of
course it wouldn’t feel right not to see a few boobs and bottom cheeks
in one of the weeks notoriously risque shows.



There was also a mass of metallics used during the show, as well as
some striking full skirted dresses, we saw some catsuits which
transformed the models into some sort of sci- fi warriors albeit
slightly confused about what era they had found themselves in during
time travel, sporting the contrasting old fashioned bonnets.

pam hogg metallic

pam hogg metallic catsuits

The garment which appeared to receive the most coos was a heavily
embellished rose gold dress, which had stunning blush chiffon detailing
on the sleeves matching a skirt which trailed off the back romantically.
Despite the glamorous and slightly ethereal nature it was still given a
glam rock edge by the block gold platform shoes. Another statement look
which seemed to be a odds with the majority of the collection was an
absolutely stunning cream dress, which whispered virginal bride, with an
empire line recalling Jane Austen era, the sheer back adding a bit of
‘the naughty’ with the collar giving it a majestic, regal edge.

pam hogg a/w - SEQUINS


From the images displayed in this post  you don’t need me to tell you
that a Pam Hogg show is fun, but particular humour was instilled via
her use of fur – more than a few smiles were raised when a model
strutted sporting fur on her pubic area – merkin style. I am such a safe
dresser that I react to shows of this manner as theatre and
entertainment and almost as a voyeur… admiring those daredevils
willing to go where I never could. Despite the out- there, gutsy, sexy,
rebellious looks,  the craftsmanship and skill of the designer and her
makers should not be ignored . The fit and construction of the pieces
warrants applause just as much as the spectacle of the show… and
applause is what it got in abundance, as well as some enthusiastic woops
from behind me – a gaggle of people clearly their to show support for
the strutting Ms Winstone.

For me
fashion week should be about variation and contrast. Yes I want to see
the pieces that I can translate from the catwalk and purchase through
the high street versions and interpretations, but I also want to get
swept away to extravagant and even silly destinations, where the clothes
are incredible but completely unimaginable in an every day scenario… 
merely acting as means of showcasing the designers flair and extreme
imagination.  I would normally say that the Pam Hogg show fell into ‘the
look, but not wear’ category … but since my recent trip to Atsuko
Kudo, I would dare to say that I night be rather partial to one of Ms
Hoggs latex numbers…Let’s just say if I was a Jessie J, Paloma Faith,
Nick Minaj type I would be getting my stylist to ring studio Hogg


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