Will Zaggora, work for ya…?


Zaggora is an iconic brand specializing in developing technology enabled clothing. They are committed to delivering a natural and efficient way for women to achieve more out of their workouts. Their products enhance the workouts creating quicker and longer lasting results.
But the cynical out there may ponder whether Zaggora are just another money hungry brand looking to take advantage of women’s insecurities and quest for physical perfection. But the company was in fact founded by Dessi Bell, a former panic stricken bride-to-be, who had been on a desperate hunt to find a product or treatment capable of helping her lose weight and significantly diminish the appearance of cellulite in time for the big day. Being all too aware of the plight us girlies and our bumpy wobbly bits, she was determined to find something that worked.
I have tried out an cellulite reducing legging before and I was pleased with the results, so I am confident that effective technology has been found in the hunt for smooth thighs. In the case of the Zaggora though I feel you are getting more for your money than other alternatives. Admittedly when they arrived I got a surprise when I lifted them out of their packet. They were thick and of a substantial wet-suit like material which didn’t necessarily scream comfort. It did however feel far more worth the money than the slimline leggings I had worn before. 

I am now writing this review fresh from a 30 minute jog round Weybridge. Despite my previous imagination that I would look like some sort of Eastern European weightlifter in the thick black capris they actually were extremely flattering once pulled on. I say pulled on, it is a bit more of a hearty maneuver than a simple slip on given the robust and tight nature of the material. I would imagine that is exactly same as when putting on a wet-suit, but with my lack of water sport experience I can only hazard a guess! It’s always a bit daunting going for a run round my way, their is a high probability you will bump or get beeped by someone you know or have to pass a troop of intimidating lecherous builders who will heckle and holla… or even worse, completely ignore your sweaty self!  I was inevitable that taking part in some sort of exercise would equal me looking rather unappealing, with my slicked back hairs, naturally rouging skin and lack of make up, but at least my legs looked pretty good. The capris fit tightly to give you the sense of support,  but without you feeling restricted or conscious that they are showing too many details of your nether regions ( if you know what I mean!)

So aesthetically there were ticking boxes, but would they do what the press release said they would?
Well……when I took them off ahead of my post run body, the heat and sweat that came from my legs was like never before… clearly something had been going on there, which made me confident that they had been going to work on my cellulite thighs…
Of course I won’t notice the positive smoothing results straight away… but I am definitely going to wear them with every work out from this point onwards. Now this sounds like a positive end to my review but their is a minor detail that potentially puts a major spanner in the work…. Will I continue to work out?? With my workload and generally hectic lifestyle it’s very hard to find a spare half hour in the day and if I do it is very hard to persuade myself that going for a run is the way I want to spend it.. particularly when Friends is on the Comedy Channel and there’s some choccie biscuits in the cupboard….
Zaggora have thought of that too, with nude versions of their hot pants for variety if you wish to wear underneath your day garments.They launched the Hotpants in July 2011 – selling a pair every minute in their first 10 weeks, over 275,000 pairs within the first five months. Thriving on social proof from over 130,000 women on Facebook. In November last year, the brand commissioned the physiology department at a leading UK University in the field of sports science to conduct a series of tests to research the thermal and metabolic changes that occur when exercising in Hotpants compared to a standard pair of gym shorts. Their findings are quite astonishing.

Tested on nine females with an average BMI of 23.3, they found that, compared to a standard garment in 30 minutes of exercise:

    •    Weight loss is around FOUR TIMES GREATER in Hotpants
    •    Hotpants increased the energy expenditure during exercise by 6%
    •    Hotpants increase energy expenditure in the resting stage after exercise by 16%
    •    The core temperature in Hotpants increased by an average of 18% compared to the control
    •    Thermal sensation was significantly greater but safe in Hotpants

Here are some more science stuff for the geeks who like facts…
The trousers/hot pants uses really cool, super enhanced bio ceramic technology which uses your natural body heat to target the areas women care about the most.
Specially designed with our Celu‐Lite™ technology, they work to reduce body fat and the visible appearance of cellulite by using your natural body heat to warm your muscles by increasing your perspiration.
Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.
Zaggora products promote good circulation and aid lymphatic drainage, providing a detox for the body.
By increasing your body temperature, your heart works harder to boost circulation, thus improving your cardiovascular system.
Studies have shown that for every gram of perspiration, your body also burns half a calorie. So, 100 grams of perspiration nets you almost 50 calorie

So, If famed leg goddesses Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly and The Saturdays are using them, then I am most definitely converted to the Zaggora ways….

CAPRI FLARES are our three quarter length Flares, targeting your knees, thighs and bottom. Shorter but still just as effective, CAPRI FLARES can be worn indoors or outdoors. Super comfortable and made to fit into your lifestyle, whilst still targeting those problem areas we all care about. To maximise the effect and increase your perspiration, wear your CAPRI FLARES whilst you workout.

Zaggora recognises that not everyone has the time to workout regularly, introducing our best selling product in NUDE. Wear underneath your clothes to experience the same amazing effect. Thinner, yet not compromising on result, NUDE HOTPANTS can we worn anywhere and fit into every lifestyle. Giving you more for your time and effort. £44.99

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