My Interview with Futures

Buckinghamshire’s Futures have been gigging and
grafting relentlessly for the last few years. Since their formation in
the wake of the decision to close the book on former venture Tonight is
Goodbye, they have graced many of the UK festivals and received
consistent praise for their performances and catchy melodies. When their
mini album ‘The Holiday’ was given away free with
Rocksound magazine in 2010, it was clear that these were boys in demand
when the issue became the best selling in two years. The eagle eyed
industry folk were not blind to this feat, making the band hot property
and in a healthy position to step their musical career up a notch… or
three. In June 2010 it was revealed that they had been signed to Mercury,
a major record label with the means to gift the band with a awareness
building support team (with the ability to get their sound out to the
masses), with new opportunities and budgets like never before. Their
acceleration is set to hit a major peak in 2012 with endless exciting
landmark events on the band schedule…

If you want to see what the all the fuss, hype, buzz and media attention is about you can catch the guys on their ‘Start a Fire’ tour
which kicks on at The Haunt in Brighton on April 17th. They have been
awfully coy about this years festival appearances.. but I predict you
will have also more than a few chances to enjoy the futures live formula
come summer. This year will also see the long awaited and much
anticipated release of their new album, a culmination of songs reworked,
honed and whittled down over the last couple of years, something which
will really cement their position within our talent filled young UK rock
scene. I chatted to Ant West (Vocals/Guitar); Casey Roarty (Guitar); Christian Ward (Bass); George Lindsay (Drums)
at their label head office in Kensington, to find out a bit more about
their writing process, how they feel about impending fame/success, while
trying to find out a few of those funny random tit bits. In keeping
with the off-subject style of Hit The Floor interviews
it was only right that I asked the boys a few Valentines related
questions seeing as I was in their company on Feb 14th……


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