For a while now under-eye products have been using the rollerball to diminish the appearance of eyebags and dark circles, and now FAB have used their beauty wise initiative to transfer this to a wonderful product for our faces and necks. The maximized version of the rollerball, used in conjunction with their super serum, makes the most of the skin firming and sculpting tonic. As well as stimulating the skin, its method of applying the serum to the face and neck without touching means that users utilize the full power of the polymers,  By moving the lymphatic fluid that can house itself in certain areas of the face and neck it can rejuvenate and give you that young fresh appearance back. 

Now for the science bit…..

Bio Marine Extracts – micro algae, coralline officinalis and astaxanthin combat free radicals and deliver instant visible results and long term firming, sculpting and smoothing. 

Polyacrylamide – this skin firming polymer provides instant tightening and sculpting action

Peptides- boost and restore elastin

Hyaluronic Acid – plumps and restructures skin

Glycerin – hydrates and softens the skin 

Due to the fact that I am overworked and over-stressed I like to wangle as much sleep as possible, opting to delay the alarm (numerous times) and gaining an extra few minutes in bed, over a longer period of time for grooming and beautifying. One major problem with serums and moisturisers I’ve tried before is that they take too long to soak in, leaving me with a gooey or wet surface when I want to apply my foundation. The mess created means I have to wipe my face and start all over again. Not ideal. The brilliant thing about this serum is not only does it dry/sink-in relatively fast it leaves you feeling refreshed and zingy as if the pores have snapped into shape. The rollerball technique is rather fun too. The tightening affect of the ingredients reduces the usual holey appearance of my skin ( enlarged pores and scars thank to teenage acne and my insatiable habit for spot squeezing) and makes the surface smooth and plump before applying my blemish covering foundation.

I have always been one of the girls that worries endlessly about getting older, 

 and I will admit to getting progressively grumpier with every passing birthday. I am fully hoping this product will help to keep the crepey saggy neck at bay a little longer (one of the biggest age tell tell signs)….

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