Interview with Don Broco

I’ve had a soft spot for the Don Broco boys for a while now. Their mini album ‘Big Fat Smile’ has worked as the most efficient of pick me ups on slow mornings or dreary afternoons in the office. It isn’t just their infectious melodies that have endeared them though, their DIY videos, in particular the hilarious ‘Thug Workout’ putting them on the first step to legendary status alone.

When we invited them to play an acoustic cover for us in the Cheer Up Clothing T-Room last year we wondered if they would live up to the expectations formed from numerous CD listens and YouTube views. As soon as we heard the start of their unique take on LMFAO ‘Party Rockers’ we knew we knew that our instincts had been were right about the foursome. Our followers agreed, and by word of mouth it fast became the most popular cover displayed on the website. It was also the perfect example of the successful Don Broco formula.. fun + talent.

If the bands festival schedule is a measure of how the band are doing then we would deduce that things are going pretty well for the boys right now.

They kicked off their onslaught back in March with an impressive display (both musically and choreographically) at Southampton’s Takedown Festival. I caught up with them briefly there to discuss their tour with Four Year Strong and their newest member Tom Doyle – who replaced former member Luke on the Bass. They were also on the cusp of announcing that they would be the first band to be signed to Search and Destroy, a hybrid label made up or Raw Power Management and Sony – a forceful combination capable of catapulting them to super-stardom.

They appear to a band with the potential to really break through to that next level of success – a rock band that could tease the charts and mainstream culture too. They don’t have an image so strong or intensely alternative that they will polarize or scare. Vocalist Rob Damiani’s front-man status is bolstered by a distinctive voice and masterful but convivial stage presence. The songs have catchy melodies and vibe inducing riffs in equal measure, compounded by lyrics that raise more than a few smiles. They are always down to earth, chatty and witty (they asked me to check their teeth for popcorn before starting our interview) which will help build a loyal fanbase. Although I must of course concentrate on their musical elements, I have also been reliably informed that they’re not bad to look at either!

It feels a particularly unsettled and unstable time within the alternative music world, and it is not at all surprising that the last few weeks we have seen a gutting deluge of bands calling it a day. The sad news of Roadrunner UK’s demise only adding to the tense mood of the industry.

Sadly it seems cracking songs, grafting, and having a passion for music isn’t enough to see a band through in 2012. But with the amount of winning elements Don Broco have in their armory I’d be willing to bet that they not only survive but triumph in the temperamental and competitive world they reside.

When I caught up with the quartet in the plush cream prism within London’s Sony HQ I wanted to congratulate them on their Kerrang Award nomination, find out about their recent stint with The Used, how they found filming their first single from their new album ‘Priorities’ and also their feelings about impending success and the fame that comes with it.

If you are unlucky enough to have missed their performances with You Me At Six, We The Kings, The Used, and Four Year Strong this year, and are yet to witness their unflagging live display – complete with their trailblazing simple but effective dance move coined ‘The Walk’ , you have a wealth of opportunities over the festival season. 


 Alongside their July Dates with Futures you can catch them at the following festivals…

May 10th The Great Escape Festival, Brighton

May 18th Sound City Festival, 02 Academy 2 Liverpool

May 26th Slam Dunk North, Leeds University

May 27th Slam Dunk South, Herts Uni Hatfield

May 28th Slam Dunk Wales, Cardiff Uni

June 9th Download Festival, Donnington Park

July15th Rhythm of the World Festival, Hitchin

July 23rd Redfest, Surrey

Their single ‘Priorities’ is out May 13th

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