My Interview With The Front Bottoms

You hail from New Jersey. New York is obviously known for it’s music scene and for producing bands like The Strokes. Did you find it a motivating place to be near? Were you always involved in the scene?
I think we found motivation in the DIY basement scene. We just always did whatever we could anywhere we could.

It has been said you straddle between indie and punk perfectly. What elements of what you do come from where do you think? What is you mission statement with the songs your write?
That’s just who we are, two kids that decided we would write music together for our friends to have. There’s no mission statement when we write our music, it’s just a way to have fun.

We have had a few famous rock duos, but why did you stop at two yourselves. Why not seek out more band members before embarking on touring etc?
The reason we never sought out of more band members was because, well we just didn’t care to be a band with the standard line up. We were able to do it just us two. But now we do have our friend Drew come on tour with us.

You speak about personal issues –  love, growing up, self doubt. Did touring with Kevin Devine, who has spoken about political issues, inspire you to tackle broader subjects?

Being on tour with KDGDB is like being in heaven. I  can’t wait to be there again. I wouldn’t know if he’s inspired us to broader subjects yet, we haven’t written much since that tour wrapped up last month, but we will see.

You also toured with Dashboard Confessional. Were they a band you had admired prior to this time? How do you react to meeting or playing for established acts?

To be honest, I can’t say I admired his music prior because I never listened much past the hits. But after touring with Chris and listening to it, and chilling with him. I would have reacted differently.

Your press material states that you gig obsessively. How do you cope with the touring lifestyle? Does it sit better with one more than the other?
We love being on tour, it is what we should be doing. I can say for myself I hate being at home.

What do you do in terms of work and down time when off tour?

Work for a landscaping company to make some money and work on new ideas. Keep ourselves busy.

As there is only two of you in the band it must get quite claustrophobic at times. Are you good at gauging when the needs some space?

Well Brian and I have been friends for a long time, and have lived together in the same room for a few years, so we are very good at being with each other.

When it comes to decisions, particularly in terms of writing, what happens if you you butt heads on issues? Do you turn to a third party?

In terms of writing we don’t butt heads, really in terms of anything. It is a very great relationship that we have.

You’ve known each-other since you were very young. Did you always speak about pursuing a career in music together when you grew up? What are the positives and negatives about the fact you’ve known each-other for so long in terms of being in a band together?

We would never talk about pursuing a career in music and I can’t say there are any negatives for knowing each other for so long. Maybe just knowing more than you should know about anyone ever?

Director Pablo Nieto found you online and asked if he could create a video for Maps. How did he pitch the treatment to you? Were you happy to relinquish control? How important are visuals to you generally?

Pablo is the man. He sent us a MySpace message, told us he had some great ideas for a music video and we should met him under the Brooklyn Bridge at 10am. That was the treatment, and we had the best time ever with him and his crew. He really did a great job with that video, and we are planning to work with him more in the future.

The Front Bottoms self-titled album is out 11th June on Banquet Records and can be pre-ordered here: Official band website

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