New Look Press Day

Yesterday was a pretty manic day. I had to run from meeting from meetings and despite the effort and excess sweat still didn’t make up enough time to squeeze in lunch. It says a lot that I prioritized popping by New Looks press day over the needs of my stomach. By now I hope all of you are aware of the strength of the high street brands shoes. If you are looking for affordable shoes that tap into the currents trends, this is the one stop for you, and even top stylists have cottoned on to this. I was therefore expecting a lot from their latest range of footwear, and thankfully they didn’t disappointed. Particular highlights included the studded/animal print brogues, buckled and studded festival boots and the laced  boots with the incredible curved wedge. But it wasn’t just the shoes that titillated, there were so many drool inducing bags and accessories too, from the Chanel-esque bag above to the beautiful collars.

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