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     This was my second visit to The Spa Intercontinental. I always think its a good idea to do everything a few times in terms of doing a fair test (I know, I would say that!). But, come on.. it  is good reviewing technique to confirm that my glowing experience first time round wasn’t just a fluke!
    I had spent the morning dashing from press day to press day. This would usually leave me with a glistening sheen of sweat, aching feet and tired arms – from carrying look-books and goodie bags – it’s a hard life. On this occasion, due to the ‘drought’ we are having, I turned up looking like a wet do. Not a glamourous and glossy Afghan Hound, but a scruffy mongrel wholly unfit for the luxurious surroundings. My sophisticated woolen coat had started to curl and fuzz, my hair mirroring the coats aesthetic perfectly, with a few drips of mascara streaming down my face to complete the dampened look marvelously. Not exactly the elegant appearance you aim for when frequenting such high class establishments, but alas, it was out of hands.  I was about to be swapping my weighed down clothes for the delightful spa paper pants and bunging my hair in a spar friendly/Croydon face-lift top-knot in, so it wasn’t really a big issue – just not ideal for evoking class or making positive first impressions.
    Although it made me feel even more, shall we call it ‘undone’, one half of the meeting thankfully made a flawless impression – the perfectly neat lady on reception greeted me warmly, seemingly unfazed by my appearance, and swiftly relieved me of my sopping wet items and inside-out umbrella.
    I then sat down to be warmed by a cup of green tea which was accompanied by a selection of healthy bites. If I’m honest the dried banana and nuts didn’t exactly get my taste buds zinging, but I’m guessing a bowl of Maltesers wouldn’t really befit a place intended for wellness.

    While I continued to dry and gear up for my session of relaxation I was given a form to fill in. As well as outlining any illnesses, ailments, conditions that I may have, and the medications I am on, I had to tick what problems I wanted to tackle with my treatment. Dry Skin.. tick, Oily Skin… tick… Cellulite… tick….Digestive Problems… tick. Well let’s just say that my body isn’t in particularly great shape right now, internally and externally, and I was looking to get a hell of a lot out of this Deep Tissue Massage.

    After a few minutes of letting the spa reception de-stress with its soothing dim light, dark wood  furnishings and orange notes thanks to its exotic foliage,  I was lead by therapist Chanel Roache to the treatment room. After changing into my spa garb we sat down together and ran through my form answers to decipher together the perfect treatment.
For my hour and half of time in the spa I had already decided I wanted to be horizontal throughout, so the Deep Tissue massage was the option for me, despite the obvious beautifying allures of the other choices. Referring to my pinpointed requirements I let the extremely knowledgeable Chanel pick the most suitable oil for my needs. She seemed to gauge my current mood accurately, plumping for the de-stress oil. She informed me that she would do a deep tissue while I lay on my front, and after turning over would complete the treatment with a relaxing massage. As expected she targeted my back and neck, although all of my body got some of her much needed attention –  my arms even treated to a dry brush sequence. She used just the right amount of force that you knew it was doing some much needed de-knotting, with her expect technique maintaining the relaxation element throughout.

    It didn’t feel like I was in there for a hour and half, but that is probably because the blissful treatment meant that I was able to forget my real-time mind worries and escape to an alternate stress free universe for the entirety. Although I was sure my mind would snap back to normal stressful Sophie as soon as I embarked on my tube journey home, I was confident my body would be feeling quite floaty for a few hours post treatment. I would also be feeling thoroughly chuffed with my rare afternoon of pamper.

Apparently the Elemis oil used would help with my ticked skin issues, so I took Chanel’s advice and avoided showering to allow the ingredients to do their good work for a bit longer. I was also advised to drink lots of water to flush out the stirred toxins and maintain hydration, and try and relax as much as possible for the rest of the day. I really appreciated having a valid guilt-free excuse to shut the laptop for a couple of hours.

You can use the amount of spa time you choose in whatever way you wish. It’s perfect for those with busy schedules or for those wanting to complete various pampering, grooming, stress relieving tasks on their lunch break. It’s also ideal for those getting ready for an event that calls for various  preening and grooming activities. I adored my treatment at The Spa Intercontinental, so much so it has become a very real goal that I integrate it into my manic schedule. Life can be so stressful in 2012, it is important we find time to take the sting out.

The treatments…

Dry Flotation Therapy Bed (30minutes-1hour) Lie back for just 20 minutes on this dry flotation therapy bed cocooned in warm blankets and enjoy the equivalent to four hours sleep.
Elemis Manicure & Pedicure (15minutes-1hour) Whether you’re looking for a quick professional shape and polish or an indulgent food and hand treatment, the Spa InterContinental team will complete your look with the season’s hottest OPI colours.
Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial (1 hour): Clinically proven to visibly resurface by up to 75%* and increase skin smoothness by up to 32%*, after just 1 treatment, this unique treatment targets blemishes, uneven skin tone, superficial scarring and fine lines, revealing instantly younger looking skin.
Beau Bronz Tanning – 30mins Beau Bronz provides natural spray tanning solutions that contain  luxurious, paraben free, odourless and created with certified organic ingredients. Whether you are looking for a golden glow or deep tan, Spa InterContinental customize to your needs.
Deep Tissue Back Massage (30 mins): Minimum time, maximum tension-relieving results. This massage specifically targets the back, shoulders and neck areas, and will ease tension through powerful massage sequences.
Waxing (15-30minutes) Using the innovative and hygienic waxing system ‘HY-Wax’ from Australian Bodycare, the Spa InterContinental team will leave your arms, face, and legs smooth and hair free.


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