Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur searches for head piece to wear at Bestival

Talented? Creative? Fan of Electronic music? Avid festival goer?…. If you responded yes to my questions then following opportunity is a must see for you….

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (TEED), aka Orlando Higginbottom is famed for his penchant for impressive headgear, so it is quite fitting that he should invite designers to create an outstanding head-piece for his performance at Isle of Wight’s Bestival this September. This is a one-off opportunity to get your creative talent showcased in a big way – via one of the biggest events of the Summer festival calender and on one of the most exciting new faces of the electronic world. Such a big coup calls for the spectacular, fantastical, outrageous and ingenious..a design worthy of such a prestigious honour.

What the eventual wearer of the winning design had to say…

‘I’m always thinking about things I could wear on stage and I’m really excited to open this up to anyone who wants to get involved. I can’t wait to see people’s ideas for my head.’

However he did heed a few warnings…

‘Please remember I need to perform in whatever you design – I’ve got to be able to move around and I can’t have my ears covered. It has to be practical and fantastic in equal measure.’

The competition is being supported by the wonderful people at Talenthouse. The cutting edge social media contest platform will host the challenge, identifying and compensating artists through a life changing contest that supports their submissions through online activity, while raising the profile of all participants involved. In a mere two years they have developed over 200 creative invites enabling submitting artists and hosts to virally grow their audiences.

Now for the rules….

Submitted creations must be completely original and submitted in JPG or PNG format, and must not have been used commercially either before or during this competition. Designing participants must retain the original design pattern should they be the winner, as the designer will collaboratively work on the physical headpiece with TEED’s creative team, which will then be worn by Orlando at the award winning four day boutique festival known quite aptly as Bestival.

Now I personally think that the possible sight of seeing TEED donning your design on stage should be enough encouragement for you to take part, but if you need further goading here is what else is in store for the victor….

The winner will also receive exposure on TEED’s website and social media channels.

An official meet and greet with TEED at Bestival

A press feature and professional picture of their head-piece for their portfolio

Travel and Camping (plus guest) for the festival.

The much hyped electronic newbie TEED will release his highly anticipated debut album ‘Trouble’ on June 11th. The work will feature previous singles ‘Garden’, ‘Tape and Money’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Household Goods’.

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