BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend

Every now and then I get a tweet from someone saying that I have their dream job, or how they’d kill to be in my position. I really wish I could show them via some sort of crystal ball, like David Bowie in Labyrinth, what the reality is of what I do. At the level I work at (a relatively small fish in the big ol’ music industry)  it involves a lot more than you’d think, and it is far from glamorous. I’d say to anyone that genuinely loves music and the joy of experiencing it live, that this is not the job for you. Even though I had a guest pass to the festival I only got to see one act on The Saturday – due to being held up in the press area all day and tackling all the issues that arose during the day. Obviously, if you are in it to celeb spotting and chatting to musicians then well that’s another thing – you would have been in your element!

I think this subject actually requires a post in itself, so I will return to this particular area of ponder in the future. I think the stress I feel is the fact that I put a lot of pressure on myself to do a good job, beating myself up when I feel I could/should have produced better results…

That said, I met some lovely people and I could tell that Radio 1 had put on a great weekend of entertainment for those that were lucky enough to get tickets.

I was there to do some interviews for a client, so I can’t post them just yet but for now here are some stills for my chats…

A big shout out has to go out to Justin from The Vaccines and his wonderful Tour Manager who really helped us out after we had to cancel and reschedule various times… absolute lifesavers and lovely people.

The nature of the interviews I was doing for this project are very short and about a certain topic. This has been an adjustment for me as I am used to do in depth ones and like to try and do plenty of research beforehand. I have been wanting to speak to The Maccabees for a while now but sadly due to the stress of the day my head was in a bit of a pickle by the time it came to chat to Felix and Hugo. Hopefully I will get another chance to have a good old mental probe in the future.

Tom from Kasabian seemed in good spirits when we met him in the Artist area. I was slightly put off as Zane Lowe and Example were a few inches away, probably thinking who’s this amateur! As a fellow football fan I had to ask him whether he was enjoying the Euros. Sadly his/our hopes for England have since been dashed!

Ben Howard was my first interview of the day and he braved the pelting rain to meet me in a press tent we managed to take hostage of on Sunday.  I was chatting to the acoustic master about his upcoming main stage performance at Latitude festival.

My final interview of the weekend was with Bombay Bicycle Club who proved to be very enjoyable company.

A big thanks to all involved who helped us out on the weekend and allowed me to do the interviews! 

I will be sure to post the interviews once they are live on the interweb! x

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