Interview With Saturday Sun

I chat to Saturday Sun vocalist Alex Hedley……

Your website biography is succinct to say the least. You state in your own way that you’d like the music to do the talking. Is the celebrity thing and people being interested in you as people a less appealing part of pursuing a successful musical career?

Yeah, I’d like people to appreciate the music, but nothing more.

Did you have a conversation that lead you to believe that you shared the same goals in terms of the sound you wanted to achieve with this outing?

Yeah well there sort of constantly ongoing conversations about how to mold the sound.

I’ve been watching your videos on YouTube. So far you have no negative comments, in fact they are all high praise. Do you care about reviews/opinion? How do you deal with criticism?

I don’t really mind that much…each to their own.Criticism can also make me want to do stuff more sometimes.

For Seagull you used footage of Yellowstone Park and for your new video you shot at the caves at Windspit. Is nature something of particular interest to you?

Yeah well the whole universe is really inspiring, but I think that sort of stuff suits the music well.

Your new single Borderline has a definite haunting quality. What mood does your music generally create (or what is intended with your sound)?

Lots of different stuff but generally just an atmospheric sound is what we aim for mostly.

You live in an abandoned Grammer School. How does that environment inform what you do? Do you work better in isolation perhaps?

We sort of half live in a caravan on the grounds of the school – well our guitarist does – but we’re up there all the time just playing music and that. I think it’s definitely altered the sound in some ways. We do get a lot of time to sort stuff out, especially in the winter it is quite isolated I guess.

Alex. alongside Bill you take the reigns when it comes to the writing. Can you detail the process for me?

We each write our own songs mostly, and just structure the rest of the music around whatever ideas each of us have had.

What are all you roles in the band?

Alex – hot-dog chef, Bill – regal emperor, Blec – imperial guard, Luke – baron .

What does having your own record company allow you? Is it mainly a necessity to get your music out in the way you want?

Well we don’t really have one, we just sell CD’s. It looks like record companies are having a hard time these days though.

I see that you have been recording from your home. I guess that allows you to be spontaneous and gifts you with a raw and authentic sound. Are there any big shot producers that you are dying to work with though?

It would be amazing to do something with Brian Eno… I would imagine!

I see on your events listings you are playing famed venue Ronnie Scott’s. How does it feel to played such renowned venues and how do your nerves react to differing stages and situations?

Yeah it’s really good to be at the stage where we can play venues like that having played so many others which aren’t that great.

One of your songs is appearing in a Horror movie. How did that come about?

It was very out of the blue. We recorded an online live episode for conversion live and they managed to get it for us afterwards…. pretty lucky!

I saw you mention your excitement regarding seeing Prometheus this week. How was it? Are films a medium of inspiration to your work?

It was really good, sort of like seeing a third of a film though. It’s definitely set up for sequels. I love films yes!

Do you like your music to be able to conjure up visuals and create at atmosphere – making them perfect for soundtracks to movies etc?

I do like to try and write music to pieces of films, it’s one of my top ambitions.

Dream collaboration?

George Fornby and Bob Seger.

Recently played on your Ipod?

Sigur Ros. Inni

Stage you’d most like to play?

erm, probably one on a mountain.

Guilty Pleasure?

I’m a reptilian president.

Goals for 2012?

Eat lots of cheese and go nuts.

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