Festival Fashion – Bodies

Anyone who has gone to a festival and opted for a playsuit or onesie will know that it is one of the worst options in terms of practicality. Okay, so you may be able to cope if it is a relatively civilized one day festival, or if you are on the VIP section and avoid alcohol induced bladder bashing… but if you are having to use normal folk loos, with their wet and mucky floors, your one piece will suffer a very sorry fate. There is a form of one piece that can be workable though and that’s a body with poppers… and luckily for us there are a great selection of designs on sale at the moment.

As well as showcasing female curves marvelously, the chosen ones below are great for creating a statement. Show your wild side with this animalistic Electric Tees number. Nod to 90’s grunge with subtle flesh baring lace number from All Saints, or utilize the Kapow! effect with a comic inspired print like Lazy Oaf’s Batman body.





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