Festival Fashion – Get Shirty


The joy of shirts is that they can be worn in so many ways. Do the top button up and you achieve that androgynous and preppy look. Tie the bottoms and you can emulate a 1950’s gal and can show just a teasing amount of stomach flesh. They can be worn over-sized to achieve an 80’s vibe or borrowed from your boyfriend look, and most importantly they can used as part of a visually pleasing but ultimately practical layered look.

Top left – Denim shirt by WeSC – everyone should have a denim shirt in their wardrobe. It always looks fresh and unfussy.


Top right – Polka dot blouse by H&M – A bold print made wearable thanks to the fact it only incorporates two colours.


Centre – A checked shirt is a pretty obvious festival staple, but the pallette of this River Island one, alongside its lack of sleeves, helps to maintain a summer feel.


Bottom left –  I literally can’t get enough of tye-dye, if I’m not buying it, I’m doing it myself at home – perhaps its something to do with wanted to hark back to my youth! This baggy shirt by Ragged Priest is made even better by the addition of studs on the epaulettes. 


(Red Bag by Eastpak)


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