Festival Fashion – Statement Dresses

When the weather is being a tad more reliable we can allow ourselves to think more adventurously when it comes to our festival fashion choices… rather than thinking purely in terms of practicality and our garbs ability to withstand turbulent weather and other general festival hazards.

You can play it safe and opt for rock ‘n’ roll, black on black looks, and the result can be pretty chic…albeit a tad safe – if you really can’t veer away from black I’d suggest at least playing with textures and embellishment.

For years opted for this muted and somewhat sensible way of dressing, but seeing as I am going to be in front of the camera this time round I thought I’d amp it up a bit, with a good blast of colour and use of statement prints. When you think about it, it’s rather strange that us rockers tend to veer towards black, particularly when you consider the plethora of emotions conjured by the music we love and the fact that music is type of creative expression…much like fashion. If we do it to connote some sort of alternative nature or prove our allegiance to a niche tribe, that is also negated by the fact that so many other people make the same style decision….(and therefore making us far from unique and alternative)


This Henry Holland, tie-dye denim dress taps into many of this summer trends and strikes a great balance between girly and boyish fashion. The cut is almost sack like, helped by the rigidness of the denim and the frayed cut-off sleeves help to give the dress an edgy appeal despite its uplifting turquoise colour. 

This vivid tropical graphic print dress by Motel can be transformed from summer holiday wear to festival gear with the quick addition of a beanie and converse shoes. Its body con nature also means its great to tuck into shorts if you are worried about your modesty when moshing to your favourite bands.


Not a design for wallflowers, but for a Batman fan like myself this is potentially the greatest dress ever created! After cursing the good weather by mentioning its recently improved state we may not have the opportunity to showcase our feature dresses in all their glory. But even if they are covered by our hoodies and leather biker jackets the flash of colour popping out from your layers will still give your outfit extra oomph.


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