Miley’s Mane Mania

I type this post Miley Cyrus is trending on Twitter, a status she has
held since revealing her new bleached crop. It has caused quite a hoo-ha
amongst the Tumblr community too, with a mass of reblogs either
defending the stars gutsy style change or mourning the loss of her
famous ombre locks. For years her much-loved trademark was long loose
curls, but recent in months we’ve seen the recently engaged star sport a
casual top knot, a fast style which may have indicated a certain amount
of unrest with her previous style.


The fact that such hysteria has been caused by the change courtesy of
Jen Aniston’s hairdresser, particularly when you consider that hair
grows, says a lot about celebrity culture in 2012….but if we too must
wade in on the debate, we applaud Miley for experimenting with her
style, it’s scary enough when us normal folk opt for a drastic re-style!

Her peroxide chop, with its asymmetrical style and potential for
intentional roots, will allow her to toy with edgy, even punk inspired
fashion looks. But after allowing it to settle she may find she wants to
channel 60’s chic and look to the likes of Twiggy and Edie” Sedgwick.
Either way it is guaranteed the Miley watchers will  have an opinion!

To celebrate the gutsy fashionista today I though I’d pick out some great tummy tops from Motel… one of her style staples…. ( I will be blogging about V Fest and Leeds festival for Motels blog soon)

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