My Interview With Mr Hudson from the Energy Sessions Arena Sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink

It was after Mr Hudson’s set at The Energy Sessions Arena, about 3.30am , that I would get to have a quick natter with him about playing the Leeds crowd and what he is currently working on. My insomniac self had slogged out a 15 hour day for Festival Republic, so was a little worried that I would fail to make any sense or end up having a little nap (and dribble) on the shoulder of the multi-talented musician. Thankfully his jam-packed set of tunes helped to keep me from slipping under and he ended up being a complete joy to talk to. 

If you want a quick round up of the night watch the Relentless Energy Drink edit below, if not watch our full length chat… you’ll hear some tit bits about his exciting new venture ‘BigKids’ – the video for uplifting single ‘Heart Sing’ is out now! 

The unedited ful interview below……

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