Olivia Rubin at Pure London

This time round I was at Olympia purely to speak to the legend Kat Von D, rather than do the usual day long mooch around the maze of stalls. During my mad dash to leave the event I happened to pass the Olivia Rubin plot, so of course I had to stop and have a quick look over the rails.

It was lovely to catch up with Olivia and Yvonne who were holding fort, but I fear my bank balance is now quaking in it’s poor old disheveled boots. I have a severe problem with resisting Rubins allure, particularly come sample sale time, which I was informed is coming up soon…agh!

I’ve always been in love with her prints, the Opie dress has proven to be a great investment and brought out for numerous weddings and dress worthy events but I think I’ve found a new favourite in her new Pansie designs.

I’ll do another post soon about her collaboration with Dorothy Perkins, but check out some snaps from yesterday… I challenge you not to add them to your shopping wish lists!

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