Marc Cain S/S 13 Press Day

Marc Cain are always the most helpful and generous of brands, sending lovely gifts from Germany and delivering the best press material out of all the brands I’ve dealt with.

While I understand some of the complete outfits they put together for lookbook/press day purposes may not be appealing to many of my friends, when I have isolate pieces from the collections they are also coveted by my most fashionable pals. Through their styling they show how their brand could be used to create complete looks and capture various trends including nautical, sporty, feminine etc.

They had pieces that tapped into many of this summer’s prevalent trends, including neon, the majority being in a garish zesty green. My favourite pieces though were ones that continued one of my favourite looks from this year – dip dye. I know many of you may have tired of it by now, but not me… keep it coming people!! Check out the leather jacket and knit jumper below! SWOON……

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