Milly – Halpern PR Press Day

This brand has been showing at N/W fashion week for season after season. Whenever I view their collections come Halpern’s press day, one thing that is always notable is the bright colour pallete. In terms of print and colour, more has always been more for Milly. That said, they are extremely wearable and despite their bold choices they do not alienate and are rarely edgy in their overall aesthetic. This time round however I was surprised with what I saw. They have held on to what they have proven do so well over the last few years, but this season they have let go of restrictions and pushed it to an edgier place.

A number of the pieces on display were screaming to be used in modern music videos or out-there photos shoots – textured metallics, updated tweed, candy coloured pvc, laser cut jackets and neon embellishment.

So stylists if you’ve been looking for those stand-out pieces I’d recommend checking out Milly now…

The brand always do miniature children’s sized version of their catwalk collection – v cute!

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